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Volume XV
           Issue I           January  1996
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"But in his estate shall he honour the God of forces: and a god whom his fathers knew not shall he honour with gold, and silver, and with precious stones, and pleasant things. Thus shall he do in the most strong holds with a strange god, whom he shall acknowledge and increase with glory: and he shall cause them to rule over many, and shall divide the land for gain."

Daniel 11:38-39

"And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works."

II Corinthians 11:14-15

"And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy."

Revelation 13:1

In this issue of the Last Trumpet Newsletter, which is the first issue of the new year, we will look once again at the shocking events around us in the light of the true Word of God. As we look at and consider the events of the world around us, it is vitally important that we keep in mind the spiritual impetus behind the events. Those who look only at events in the realms of politics, economy, religion and every other field of organized endeavor but fail to see the spiritual realm will never understand what is really happening. It is time for every Christian to wake up to the fact that we are in a great war! The current events are direct results of what is going on in the realm of the invisible. We must remember that the people in positions of power that have a high profile are controlled by people who prefer to be unseen and unknown. In addition to that, everyone in these positions of authority, whether known or unknown, have a set of beliefs and a religion, which is many times disguised as some form of accepted religion. With that in mind, we can better understand the words of Satan as recorded in Luke 4:5-6 as follows: "And the devil, taking him up into an high mountain, shewed unto him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time. And the devil said unto him, All this power will I give thee, and the glory of them: for that is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will I give it. If thou therefore wilt worship me, all shall be thine." In short, the devil has made the Masterminds of the Great Illuminati Conspiracy an offer that they couldn't refuse! The devils words, "If thou therefore wilt worship me, all shall be thine" is the driving force of the entire conspiracy to bring forth a "New World Order."

The shocking truth of all of this is that there is a "Force" that manifests itself within the framework of what we know to be Illuminism. This Force is a spiritual power and regimented system of power that is now seeping into the lives of all who are not on guard against it. I know what this force feels like, for I once worked for it as an astrologer. I have seen the damage that it can do and how deceitfully it enters the lives of people everywhere. It is only by the grace of Almighty God that I was saved and delivered from the "Force", and this newsletter is written each month to make war with and expose the "Force" and the powers of evil. Here let it be noted that every Christian should be fearless when fighting the devil and the powers of the Illuminati. We know that our Lord Jesus Christ defeated this "Force" long ago. The "Force" has no real power other than what people give it. Satan is a parasite. His power is confined to deceiving people to give him and his causes their time, worship, money and energy. Feeding off from his host people, he then injects his errors and unclean thoughts into them. Every Christian must realize that the only power Satan has over them is what they themselves give him. We do not have to yield ourselves to Satan nor should we! At this point, I must issue a stern warning to every Christian. Do not dabble with nor even give a curious glance at the things forbidden by our Saviour. As a former astrologer, I cringe when I hear of people playing around with horoscopes from newspapers and magazines. Shun such things as if they were deadly poisonous rattlesnakes. When you play around with such things, you have yielded and entered into the power and control of the "Force", and he has often transformed the mildly curious into ardent servants of his realm. You thus become a tiny part of the big picture of Illuminism. Like an artist's painting, the tiniest brushstroke is still a part of the big picture.

The Force, As Seen By Almighty God

In Revelation, chapter 13, verse one, we are given a picture of the "Force" manifested in this world. We are shown by God through his servant John a hideous-looking beast that is a composite of many beasts. This beast is a mongrel and an unholy mix of every evil empire and religion from the past that appears at the end of the world. Here let it be noted that the United States of America, the erstwhile great nation, is commonly known as the "melting pot." Even the American English language has become a mixture of the many languages of the world. In the city of New York, we find every component of the beast system and the headquarters of the United Nations, which is working like mad to force one worldism upon the troubled and confused people of this planet. In addition to all of this, the Bible tells us that the beast has seven heads and ten horns. In regard to the ten horns of this ugly end-time beast, I have in front of me two pages from the Federal Register dated July 25th, 1973. The document is endorsed with the signature of the late President Richard M. Nixon, who signed the distressing document on July 23rd, 1973. The document begins with the words of Richard Nixon as follows: "On February 10th, 1972, I formally established Federal Regional Councils for each of the ten Federal Regions." (1) In section one of the document the late President went on to say, "There is hereby continued a Federal Regional Council for each of the ten standard Federal regions.....The President shall designate one member of each such Council as Chairman of that Council and such Chairmen shall serve at the pleasure of the President." (2) This fits like a hand in a glove when compared to Revelation 17:12-13 which says, "And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast. These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast." Thus, Richard M. Nixon set up the specific framework for a beast to control and rule by means of ten rulers, who rule ten areas at the pleasure of the beast dictator. From all of this, we can see that the stage is set and waiting for the final cast of actors to take their place before the curtain falls for the last time!

Is Our Government Really Controlled By The Force?

Many people find it almost impossible to believe that the United States Government is controlled by a conspiratorial force. These people especially scoff at the notion of occultism and witches being used by the United States leadership. I have been saying for years that this modern-day Babylon, Sodom and Egypt has all of the spiritual characteristics of the ancient empires condemned by God. This once great nation has become only an empty shell of what it once was, and this sad fact is reasserted almost daily. I have been writing in the Last Trumpet Newsletter for over 14 years that the United States Government uses witches and astrologers and thus plan their initiatives and directives around occult power and dictates. Even when Nancy Reagan admitted that astrologers advised her and President Reagan, people continued to shrug it off. Others such as Senator Clabourne Pell who had paid psychics on his staff and admitted it, still seemed to have no effect on the sleeping populace.

I now have in front of me an Associated Press story dated November 29th, 1995, entitled "CIA's Psychic Hot Line." The article tells the shocking story that for 20 years the United States has secretly used psychics to hunt down its enemies. (3) The code-name for this witch-staff was "Stargate." (4) The program cost the American taxpayers 20 million dollars for the psychics used by the varying agencies, who used them "six at a time." (5) A CIA spokesman named Mark Mansfield confirmed the existence of Stargate, and that three psychics were still at work being stationed at Fort Meade, Maryland, through July of this year. (6) The psychics were regularly tested at a center near San Francisco. (7) This article once again proves that the "Force" is at work in our government, which is continually becoming more antichrist.

The Spying Eye Of The Force

The primary objective of the force of Illuminism is not to gain wealth, win wars or produce chaotic conditions. The objective has always been to control people. In order for the force as manifested in the Illuminati to control people, the people have to be watched and intimidated into submission to the system that the Masterminds have set up for that very purpose. Here let it be noted that the Clinton Administration has done more to invade the privacy of individuals, families and churches than any of his predecessors. The Government's bombing of their own Federal Building in Oklahoma City has furnished this administration with an excuse to invade privacy even further. Evidence continues to mount against Janet Reno's "Just Us" Department, and all of her efforts have been for one primary purpose, to find an excuse to invade the privacy of the American people. We must remember that the original crest of the Illuminati was the "all-seeing eye" as seen on the back of the dollar bill. This Egyptian "Utchat" or "Eye of Horus" is actually the cycloptic eye of the "Force" or Satan. This spying and intimidating eye has become high tech in these latter days, and we have known for some time how the Illuminists have been spying electronically on people through the electronic banking system, credit and debit cards, cable television and even by satellite from 400 miles in space. Now comes the distressing news that according to the Federal Register for October 16th, 1995, on pages 53643-53646, the Justice Department has ordered the telephone companies to set up equipment with capabilities for up to 1.5 million simultaneous wiretaps on the American people. (8) The true nature of the "beast" is becoming obvious, and more so every day. We must remember that Revelation 13:11 warns us that this beast government that we are dealing with deceptively looks like a lamb but speaks like a dragon. It is literally a devil-possessed administration and fools only those who do not look past the sheep's clothing to see the wolf within.

Another example of the Jack-booted Gestapo nature of the beast is the incident involving a journalist named William Kelly. Mr. Kelly recently attended a presidential press conference during which he asked President Clinton why he, the President, had promised a middle-class tax cut but failed to deliver. This was an embarrassment to the President to say the least. Three hours later, the Secret Service came to Mr. Kelly's home and arrested him on direct orders from the President of the United States. (9) When this became known, the Secret Service denied that they arrested Mr. Kelly because of the question he asked. The SS stated that they arrested him because he had an unauthorized press pass. Here let it be noted that presidential press conferences are crawling with SS agents and security is incredibly tight. If Mr. Kelly did not have a proper pass, he would have been stopped at the door. Most media journalists are bought and paid for by the "Force", but there are still a few that do honest reporting, and they are the ones on the scaffold.

The arrogance and audacity of the Clinton Administration seems to know no bounds. We remember how the President held up air traffic at a busy international airport in California, while the elite hairstylist Christophe cut his hair. We remember the shocking story of how the presidential motorcade forced an ambulance on an emergency to wait and the patient inside died. Now, Congressman Dan Burton from Indiana has raised the question of why Hillary Clinton's trip to the women's conference in China had to cost 1.5 million dollars for air transportation alone. (10) In order to attend this Illuminized Wench Conference, Hillary Jezebel Clinton was accompanied by 5 Air Force jets and a 125 member delegation. Hillary and her staff travelled in a C-137 and the White House dispatched at least four other huge aircraft, namely three C-141 Starlifters and one C-130 Transport, which were said to be carrying cargo or luggage only. The trip to China was obviously an ego trip! Four huge military transport planes for luggage? What did she take with her? Thus far, the White House has failed to cooperate with Congressman Burton, who has demanded a full accounting. Burton also stated that the costs other than for transportation would be staggering as well. He said, "You have to take into account the advance teams, the Secret Service, the food and lodging expenses of the entire 125-person delegation and their staffs, the storage of official aircraft in China, the costs of motorcade vehicles, the salaries of everyone from pilots, to ground crews, to staffers who have been planning this trip for weeks. I think America would be astonished to hear whatever this staggering sum might be." (11)

When we consider the above and then hear about a temporary shutdown of the government because it is broke, we should be able to see what is going on. Actually, all of this is done by Illuministic design. When the government shut down about a month ago on November 13, a temporary deal was worked out 13 days after the full moon. Here in December, the shutdown began 13 days after the full moon preceeding the witches' high sabat of Yule or the Winter Solstice.

Projects Of The Force

There are so many things going on at this time that are being done by the Illuminists that it is impossible to cover them all. They are racing like mad to bring forth their New Age of Aquarius. One of the objectives is population control, and China is one of the problem areas. Now that the Women's Conference has ended in that country, we have heard that the biggest anti-polio campaign in history is taking place in China. More than eighty million Chinese children were immunized during a two-day period in the first week of December. Immunizations began on day 6 of December, the day of the full moon and will end 15 days (three 5's is the occult number of death) before the witches' high sabat of Yule. (12) On the very same day that this news came out, the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia, announced that they are trying to determine how an enzyme associated with retroviruses, the type of microbes that cause AIDS, got into the measles vaccine. This enzyme is known as "reverse transcriptase." (13) When will people ever learn that immunizations cannot be trusted, but God can be and must be trusted and obeyed. Time will tell how serious this situation is and will become. Prayers of faith are greatly needed and will be heard, for there is a God in Heaven!

We are also hearing more distressing news that the AIDS epidemic is out of control. There are now reportedly eight million cases of HIV positive in South Africa alone. (14) One South African mining company reports that 25% of its work force now has AIDS. (15) Here in America reports indicate that of the young men, ages 27-39, one of every 92 now has the AIDS virus. (16)

Now our nation is facing a confrontation with Bosnia and Serbia, of which I will write more later. It is interesting to note, however, that this plan to have UN NATO forces occupy this troubled area falls directly in line with occult timing. It was the Pope, of all people, who told Bill Clinton, when he met with him in New York City, "This century began with a World War that started in Sarajevo; don't let it end with one that is started there." Wars are planned, and it was the Illuminati's "Black Hand Society" that murdered the Archduke of Austria in Sarajevo, which hurled the entire world into World War I. We know that Hitler sent 30 divisions to try to hold Bosnia and could not do it, for these are a warring people, who have fought continually for 800 years. I do not think that Bill Clinton will have them hugging one another after one year. From the standpoint of the witchcraft of astrology, by which the Illuminati times its events, December is the month of choice to start a war effort. This is because of the high sabat of Yule, when the sun is closest to the earth, being in perihelion. We remember that the United States entered World War II in December, the Gulf War was in December, and now the Bosnian occupation is trying to get started in December, but as of this writing, the weather over there has been consistently prohibitive.

Meanwhile, in this country, Almighty God has been sending a scourge of terrible weather to many areas. Exactly 13 days before the witches' high sabat of Yule, San Francisco was hit by a weird storm. It was not a hurricane or tornado but a strange wind. The Area Air Quality Management District in the Bay area said the anemometer went to 134 mph before it blew off the tower. Damage was widespread! The wind then formed a storm which widened and spread across the country. Six feet of snow fell in northern Michigan. Snow and ice storms spread clear over to the East Coast. (17) God's hand is clearly visible in all of this, and I rejoice in the knowledge that He is my Lord and my God. I hope and pray that all of you can say that as well!

In closing, we must continue to watch and pray, for the time is short and the days are evil. Serve the Lord with a true heart and all will be well. Please accept my special thanks for your prayers and my heart-felt appreciation to all who have supported this ministry. If you have not yet sent in your renewal notice for the Last Trumpet Newsletter, please do so, as we must have the mailing list updated before the February issue. Grace and Peace be multiplied unto you in the name of the Lord Jesus.

David J. Meyer

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