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           Issue IX           September  1996
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The Fall Of The Illuminati's "Great City."

"And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates; and the water thereof was dried up, that the way of the kings of the East might be prepared. And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet. For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty."

Revelation 16:12-14

"And the great city was divided into three parts, and the cities of the nations fell: and great Babylon came in remembrance before God, to give unto her the cup of the wine of the fierceness of his wrath. And every island fled away, and the mountains were not found."

Revelation 16:19-20

"But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up. Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness, Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God, wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat?"

II Peter 3:10-13

In this issue of the Last Trumpet Newsletter, we will once again look into the Word of God and the current events and developments that are carrying us ever closer to the end of the world. I am writing this September issue on August 10th, and so much has happened since last month, that it is difficult to cover the detail of it all. We are now racing toward the year 2000, and prophecy is being fulfilled daily. Tonight, we at Last Trumpet will have another prayer meeting, and I must say that my faith has never been higher than it is now. The only hope that we have to overcome the beast system in this world is the power of prayer and of our God-given testimony. Here let it be noted that the news media are so completely controlled, that it is hard to get anything other than misinformation. With that in mind, we will now examine an event that took place in this country, which passed almost unnoticed. It took place in 1982 and was so covered up by the Masterminds of the Great Illuminati Conspiracy, that almost no one knows about it. The event I am referring to is of such magnitude, that it not only changed our nation but also fulfilled Bible prophecy. We will now look at that event.

The State Of New Columbia

In 1982, in the face of a preoccupied and oblivious nation, a new flag was hoisted over the District of Columbia. This strange looking flag has been flying ever since at the same level as the U.S. flag. The flag has three red stars and two red stripes on a white field. This same design also appears on license plates and arm bands of police officers. The new flag has also been seen flying over select military bases. Here let it be also noted that in 1982, when the State of New Columbia came into being, it brought with it a new constitution with almost no resemblance to the Constitution of the United States. (1) The State of New Columbia operates on a new legal system known as lex fori, which is a tyrannical Roman "law of the forum." Furthermore, as if that is not bad enough, every state that flies the United States flag is subject to the constitution of the State of New Columbia. (2) The way that people are hooked into this new government is revealed in the following words, "When you consent, in writing or otherwise, to reside or be employed in a federal "revenue district", electoral district, water conservation district or school district, you automatically include yourself in a "political subdivision" and "body politic" that you know by some local name, but it is also now known as New Columbia." (3) I must also note that in 1990, when the "Federal Debt Collection Practices Act" was passed, the United States officially became the "United States, Inc." Thus, when we elect a President and other national officers, we are electing corporate officials, and the old system no longer applies. Thus, in legal structure our nation is a corporation like Chrysler, General Motors or any of the others. Here we must note that Bill Clinton is the first President to be elected under this new corporate structure. In addition to that, our current Republican controlled Congress, with its infamous "Contract with America", is the first Congress under the new corporate structure. The word "Contract" should have raised suspicion about them in the first place.

The Three Illuminati City-States

We will now consider the meaning of the three stars on the flag of the State of New Columbia. Until 1982, there were two "super city-states" in the world that secretly ruled over the rest of the world. These cities are Imperial capitals of the world. The Vatican City is one of them, and London is the other. We know that the Vatican rules over nearly one billion people directly and billions more indirectly. This is a conspiratorial spiritual tyranny. The Vatican is not a part of the city of Rome, and it is not part of Italy. The Vatican City is a city-state with its own economy, army, ambassadors and unique government. The rulership of this city-state, called the "Vatican", which means divination or witchcraft in classical Latin, transcends the rulership of national governments. Likewise, London is a city-state. We know that the true capital of England is not London but Westminster. London is the headquarters of a world-wide enterprise known as "The Crown." The "Crown", with its world-wide "Crown colonies", is also the head of world-wide English Freemasonry, and the Lord Mayor of London is the official head of that clandestine organization. Together, Rome and London, as sister city-states, control the world spiritually and economically.

In 1982, when the city-state of New Columbia was born, it became the third city-state to form the typical ancient Roman form of leadership known as a triumvirate or "power of three." This had to happen to fulfill Bible prophecy. We must understand that the union of these three city-states form one empire of a city, a strange imperial city made up of three interlocked components of cities. Now you know why the flag of the State of New Columbia has three red stars, one for each city-state which forms the "Empire of the City." In the Bible text on page one of this newsletter, we see that at the end of the world, there is one "Great City" that is divided into three parts. From this three-way fracture, there would be a domino effect causing all of the cities of the nations to fall with the three. We now have the third city-state in the form of New Columbia, and everything is now in place for the final fulfillment of Bible prophecy. It won't be long now!

Three City-States Controlled By Three Evil Spirits!

I must again refer back to the Bible text on page one of this newsletter, where we are told that in the last days, three unclean spirits like frogs come forth, and that these are spirits of devils working miracles to gather the nations in an all-out resistance and rebellion against the Lord. Here let it be noted that images and replicas of frogs are beginning to appear from everywhere. Children's toys, including the ever popular "Kermit the frog", ceramics of frogs, and now the television commercial that was voted number one by the people of America has frogs. That commercial is the Budweiser beer commercial featuring "three frogs." These three frogs croak out the word Bud-Wei-Ser, as if they want a beer, and America went wild over it. Little signs and big signs are all around us and continually declare that the coming of the Lord draweth nigh! I must make one more vital point about the three city-states, and it is that the place where all three come together to make their system work is New York City. This is the capital city of the world, and there is no place like it. Here the city states merge their religious, economic, social and political powers. It is in New York City, where the unclean spirits meet to wield their powers.

An Oppressive Triumvirate Of Power

We know that the nature of the beast is to be oppressive. In order to fulfill the objectives of one world government, the conspirators must completely control the people of their three city-states and bring them under the subjection of their god that they call Lucifer. The only way they can attempt to accomplish this is to appear to be benevolent and "wanting only to help." They want to certify that we are born, feed us, inoculate us with syringes, educate us to think like they do, regulate and tax our income, property, and purchases, make us buy a permit or license to do anything, promise to take care of us when are old, and certify that we are dead. Incidentally, death certificates do not apply to Christians, because Christians do not die, they have eternal life!

If you have been watching the news, President Clinton has been pushing like mad to enact what he calls an anti-terrorism plan. His plan features "expanded wiretapping authority and would allow law enforcement agents to monitor all communications devices including home phones, mobile phones and pagers, and all other communications devices. (4) Clinton had been having trouble with his desires for enhanced wiretapping (5), and because his proposals were not well accepted, he had to have something more to crow about. Incidents would have to be provided that would enrage and sadden the nation and bring forth a justification for such eavesdropping on the millions of average citizens of the United States, Inc. Bill and Hillary's astrologers were busy, for the time had to be just right. As a former astrologer saved by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and by the power of his blood, I can spot their plans very quickly, for I was once one of them and a part of that world of divination. On the 17th of July, just before the Olympic games were to begin, the news broke of a terrible plane crash off of New York's Long Island. Reports indicated that 230 people were killed and my heart was very saddened for the many families of these innocent people. There was immediately talk of terrorism, and that either a bomb or a missile was used. It did not take me long to see that it was a conspiratorial attack planned carefully around astrology, and no doubt engineered by our own government. The reason they keep getting away with things like this is because people trust their oppressors and continue to have blind faith in them.

The facts are that this plane was shot down on July 17th, exactly 13 days before the full thunder moon of July, which also happened to be at perigee, which means it was at its closest point to the earth at that exact time. This was also the full moon that preceded the witches' high sabat of Lughnasaid or Lammas. In addition to that, it was also the night when Venus was at its most brilliant point, and to top it off, the plane exploded at exactly 13,000 feet. (6) The astrologers would have picked this as a perfect time, especially if Hillary was behind it. Hillary is continually and arrogantly flaunting her feminist powers and is known to associate with witches and astrologers, as we well know. With Venus in position and the moon waxing full toward a high sabat being 13 days away, the timing would be precise, if the plane were destroyed at 13,000 feet. We have also received a number of unconfirmed reports that two former Arkansas state troopers and former Clinton body guards were on this plane to give their story in Paris, where a man was working on a book about Clinton. The reports, received on short wave radio, claim that 230 people were known to be on the plane but only 228, including the crew, appeared on the manifest. Numerous reports reveal that the plane was hit from the outside because of pock marks on the fuselage, and much evidence points to a bomb inside the plane. My opinion is that it was both. I believe explosives were placed inside the aircraft, and a small missile was launched from the water at precisely the right time hitting the plane and detonating the high explosives inside.

Within a few days, after shedding crocodile tears with the families of the victims, President Clinton hurried off to France for his anti-terrorism meetings. Strangely enough, they were held in the city of Paris, where the plane was arrive before it was heinously destroyed.

The Olympic Bombing In Atlanta

While President Clinton was presenting his case for the need of more control of people to prevent terrorism, he realized that he was not getting anywhere near his desired goals. Suddenly, 10 days after the TWA-800 was shot down, a bomb went off in the Olympics' area of Atlanta, Georgia. This bomb, which was detonated at the international gathering place of the Olympic games, exploded on July 27th. This was 33 days after the witches' sabat of Midsummer and 33 days before the full moon of August. The man who was set up to take the blame for the bombing was 33 years old, and special mention was made of his age repeatedly. Here let it be noted that 33 is the number sacred to Freemasonry, and when they use that number in incidents, it is an indicator to Masons everywhere that it is an event sanctioned by the conspiracy. We also know that a warning call about the bomb was logged at exactly 13 minutes before detonation. (7) Strangely enough, this bomb was also detonated exactly 13 days before the anniversary date of the bombing of Nagasaki, Japan. (8)

The Oppression Upon "Ordinary Americans."

President Clinton is continually referring to the citizenry of this country as "ordinary Americans." This expression in itself reveals that Clinton is an elitist, and that he thinks he is extraordinary with a right to rule over those less gifted. As mentioned previously, the President wants to absolutely control the lives of the "ordinary Americans" and craftily force them all into servitude to the antichrist beast system. We know that pressure is now being applied to the elderly and to businesses by requiring direct deposit of social security funds. According to an Associated Press article, (9) "by 1999, all federal payments, including salaries and other benefits such as those paid to veterans, will be issued electronically, according to the Treasury Department." In other words, by 1999, there will be no other way to receive federal funds other than by electronic impulses. No more checks! I also have in front of me a copy of a letter "CP 129" issued to a company from the Internal Revenue Service, which starts out by saying, "Dear Taxpayer, You must enroll and deposit electronically! Beginning January 1, 1997, you will be required to make you Federal Tax Deposit (FTD) payments by electronic funds transfer (EFT). This requirement is a result of the 1993 North American Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act (NAFTA). The letter goes on to explain that NAFTA "mandates" this change. This is for businesses only and not individuals at this time. How can a treaty such as NAFTA become law and supercede the Constitution and all other laws? By conspiracy! This system is clearly a precursor of the "mark of the beast."

Another example of the true nature of the Beast emerging is found in a bill, which is in the Georgia State Legislature at this time. It reads in part as follows: "All persons who have been convicted of a capitol offense and have had imposed upon them a sentence of death shall, at the election of the condemned, suffer such punishment either by electrocution or by guillotine." (11)

The Bringing Forth Of Illuminized New Age Children

I now have in front of me an insert being placed inside cereal boxes by the Post Cereal Company. The insert tells of a contest with a prize of a trip to Washington D.C. and to the White House Also contained in the insert is a copy of the "Nickelodeon Kids' Bill of Rights." It reads as follows: "In the course of history, it has become pretty clear that all people are born with certain inalienable rights, among them life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But these rights haven't always applied to kids. Now, 200 years after the creation of America's Bill of Rights, this declaration proclaims to the world that you have rights, too: 1. You have the right to be seen, heard, and respected as a citizen of the world. 2. You have the right to a world that's peaceful and an environment that's not spoiled. 3. You have the right to be treated with equality, regardless of race, religion, nationality, sex, personality, grades or size. 4. You have the right to make mistakes without someone making you feel like a jerkhead. 5. You have the right to be protected from harm, injustice and hatred. 6. You have the right to an education that prepares you to run the world when it's your turn. 7. You have the right to your opinions and feelings, even if others don't agree with them." If you think we have had rebellious children before just wait until this catches on. This is all a part of Hillary Clinton's United Nations' "Year of the Child campaign." I am personally boycotting the products of the Post Cereal Company and urge everyone to write them a letter of protest! You can find their address on their cereal boxes. The Illuminati's New Age plot is picking up speed and we need to fight back!

In closing this issue, I want to encourage everyone to keep up the good work of prayer and of warning others of the wrath of God to come and of the return of our Saviour. Thank you to all who support this ministry with prayers, information and donations. We will always remember your kindness! In the next issue, I hope to tell you of some miraculous victories we have won over the beast system through prayer. I am joyfully amazed as I watch the hand of God helping us and bringing down strongholds of Satan. Grace and Peace be unto you in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

David J. Meyer

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