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Volume XVIII     Issue VII     July 1999
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“For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle?” I Cor. 14:8

The Bewitched United States Of America!

"And it came to pass, when Joram saw Jehu, that he said, Is it peace Jehu?  And he answered, What peace, so long as the whoredoms of thy mother Jezebel and her witchcrafts are so many?"

II Kings 9:22

"And I will cut off the cities of thy land, and throw down all thy strongholds: And I will cut off witchcrafts out of thine hand; and thou shalt have no more soothsayers."

Micah 5:11-12

"Woe to the bloody city!  It is all full of lies and robbery; the prey departeth not; The noise of a whip, and the noise of the rattling of the wheels, and of the pransing horses, and of the jumping chariots.  The horseman lifteth up both the bright sword and the glittering spear:  and there is a multitude of slain, and a great number of carcases; and there is none end of their corpses; they stumble upon their corpses:  Because of the multitude of the whoredoms of the well-favoured harlot, the mistress of witchcrafts, that selleth nations through her whoredoms, and families through her witchcrafts."

Nahum 3:1-4

 In this issue of the Last Trumpet Newsletter, we will look at the amazing things going on all around us and apply the Word of Almighty God to what we are experiencing.  We are without a doubt in the last days before the return of the Lord Jesus Christ, as the evidence bursts forth with shocking clarity each day.  Our nation has become a nation of witchcraft and antichrist activity.  Here let it be noted that in witchcraft, power is obtained by the rituals of blood or sex or both.  From the White House on down, our nation is filled with violence and illicit sex.  It is because these two heinous activities are essential to the witchcraft that runs our government and the Illuminati's one-world Aquarian conspiracy.  Faithful and true Christians, who know there is a devil, should have no trouble understanding that there is a satanic power at work to destroy Christianity and bring forth a world dictator.  We also know from studying the book of Daniel that God looks at human governments and empires as beasts.  In Daniel 7, the empires of Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, and Rome were described as beasts with multiple wings, heads and so on.  In Revelation, chapter 13, we read of a beast that rises out of the sea in the last days and has the characteristics of all of the ancient beasts and empires.  Thus, the ancient religion and spiritual governance of Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, and Rome are still very much with us in a combined or composite last days beast government.  The description of this end-time government is given to us in Revelation 13:1-2 as follows: "And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.  And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority."

As we look around in our modern world, we still see more clearly than ever the ancient religions in the form of false Christianity.  We also see the architecture of ancient Greece and Rome.  Ancient gods and goddesses in the form of cartoons entertain the children and teach them the names of ancient spirits and rituals, which prepare them as neophytes for witch covens.  Our colleges and universities still function with Greek and Latin hallmarks and descriptive labels.  Latin is still the language of law and government.  In addition to all of that, we know that just as the senators and heads of state in ancient Greece and Rome used astrologers and soothsayers as well as temple prostitutes, so our modern antichrist government uses astrologers and psychics as well as secretaries who can't type.  While I was in Washington, D.C. last September at the top of the obelisk known as the Washington Monument, I looked over toward Alexandria, Virginia.  I then heard the words, "This is Sodom and Egypt."  The presence of evil in that place was overwhelming, and I fully realized that though I was looking at Alexandria, Virginia, with all of its works of "Masonry", I was also in Alexandria, Egypt.  Just as the ancients worshipped Baal, who is Satan as the sun-god, so is it to this very day.  It is all intact.  Even the English language is a composite of languages, just as the beast is a composite of empires.  As one of the witches' chants used to summon the Principality known as "Pan" says, "Thou mountain goat of Arcady this modern world hath need of thee."  Thus, all of the ancient paganism comes to a fullness in the last days!

Kosovo & E. Pluribus Unum!

It has happened!  NATO forces have now begun the occupation of Kosovo.  After almost three months of daily bombing and pulverizing a country about the size of our state of ohio, the one-world government's Gestapo and hatchet-man outfit has moved in.  Who's next?  Nations are being seized upon, bought and sold and made to become integral and subservient units in a one-world government designated to be set up in the new millennium.  We watched in horror and wondered why so many "mistakes" were made resulting in thousands of innocent civilians losing their lives and the lives of their loved ones.  As the body count continued to rise, NATO personnel simply shrugged their haughty shoulders and referred to the corpses of men, women, children, and the aged alike as "collateral damage."  Here let it be noted that the bombing began just after the witches' sabat of the spring equinox and ended just before the witches' sabat of Midsummer.  As a former astrologer saved by the grace of God, I can tell you that all of this NATO activity was designed to operate under what is called a "Mars Ingress", and the witches and astrologers retained by our government were obviously involved in the planning and advisory operations of this outrageous operation of the Council on Foreign Relations, United Nations, and NATO.

The attacks were intended to cause outrage and included the following:  April 5 - an attack on the mining town of Aleksinac killed 17 civilians.  April 9 - A residential area of Pristina is wiped out.  April 12 - A civilian passenger train is hit killing 17.  April 14 - NATO says they misfired and killed 75 ethnic Albanian refugees. April 27 - The Serbian town of Surdulica is hit killing at least 20 civilians.  April 28 - A NATO missile slammed into a residential area in Sofia, Bulgaria, with damage unknown.  May 1 - A missile hit a bus killing 47 civilians.  May 7 - NATO fighter pilots bomb the Red Chinese Embassy killing 3 and wounding 20.  May 7 - A market place suffers a cluster bomb attack which also hits a hospital at Nis killing at least 15 civilians.  May 13 - The village of Korisa is bombed killing 87 ethnic Albanians and wounding at least one hundred.  May 20 - NATO missiles hit a hospital and also destroy the residences of the Swiss, Swedish, Spanish, Norwegian and Hungarian ambassadors.  May 21 - A jail is bombed killing at least 19 civilians and wounding scores.  (1)  Other attacks include an old folks home, a maternity hospital, and even a cemetery, which was bombed five times.  Many innocent little children died and suffered bloody wounds, as their world was ripped apart by a witchcraft and occult-driven directive to force this land into the New World Order. (2)  This operation had absolutely nothing to do with "ethnic cleansing", even though they will now cleverly manufacture evidence of atrocities to be viewed through the illuminized magnifying glasses of a corrupt and controlled media.

Now the troops have arrived, but it is not over yet.  We know that when the NATO forces arrived, they found that the Russians were already there and occupied the airport at Pristina.  The small force of 200 Russians held the airport and drove off the NATO forces, who wanted the airport. (3)  We also know that the Russians have two spy ships in the war-torn area to watch NATO; these are the Kilden and the Limen. (4)  The Serbs also provided Russia with the wreckage of a crashed U.S. F-117 stealth fighter, which was sent to Moscow. (5)  Here let it be noted that Russia is also known as "Mother Russia" to all of the Slavic people, and the Serbs are Slavic!  Russia is poised and ready as is Red China.  Serb snipers are everywhere, and this thing is far from over.  Perhaps that is why the United States Government placed an order for 9,000 purple hearts with Graco Industries in Tomball, Texas. (6)

Follow The Money Trail To Kosovo!

On June 2, President Clinton told Milosevic of Serbia to cut his losses and accept NATO's terms. (7)  It is vital for us to understand what Clinton means by his words, "Cut your losses."  The news media has been absolutely silent on the main reason why there is such a micro-focus on this region and the marshaling of the forces of 19 nations to conquer it.  We have to refer back to an article, which appeared on July 8, 1998, long before the war started.  The article, which appeared in the New York Times on that date, tells us of the vast mineral wealth of Kosovo.  It is one of the richest mining areas of the world, and NATO intends to have it in the New World Order!  The region of Kosovo has huge veins of gold, silver, lead, antimony, nickel, and cadmium.  Kosovo also has over 17 billion tons of coal reserves.  These mines are expected to yield over 3 trillion dollars (this is not a misprint) in the next five years. (8)  These minerals are of great value to the high-tech computer industry, and the lead, nickel, and cadmium are vital to manufacturing batteries.  The so-called "collateral damage" of thousands of lives means nothing, when there is such wealth hanging before the conspirators.

Beware Of Sun Cycle 23!

Our sun is becoming very unstable as it is nearing its peak of activity in its eleven-year cycle.  As an amateur astronomer for the past 35 years, I have no trouble understanding what JoAnn Joselyn, who heads the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Space Environment Center, is saying.  I learned long ago that massive flares leave a dark spot on the sun's surface, and these flares send forth ionized or magnetically charged particles, many of which can bombard the earth's ionosphere as a solar storm.  These ionized particles produce some beautiful northern and southern lights because they are pulled to the earth's magnetic poles and gather there.  The problem is that they also can disrupt communications and wreak havoc with the electrical power grids causing massive power outages for extended periods of time.  The amount of solar flares can be measured by observing the number of sunspots, and the number increases continually until it completes a cycle of eleven years.  Year eleven is the high point of activity, and every eleven-year cycle is more intensive than the previous one.  The previous high point happened in 1989, when the upper East Coast and Canada's Quebec province were left without power, as electrical transformers burned out leaving massive amounts of people in the cold and dark. (9)  This is a fact of recent history!

What we are faced with is this.  Between January 1, and April, 2000, at least 160 solar flares will leave our sun in the form of solar winds of ionized particles traveling at a speed of up to one million miles per hour. (10) At that rate of speed, it would take about 93 hours to strike the earth with a powerful solar storm.  Each solar flare releases energy equivalent to 1 million, hundred-megaton nuclear explosions, which are hazardous to satellites and our delicate electronic systems on earth. (11)  Judgement for sin is coming!

An Occult Amulet In Orbit!

On June 5, 1999, the space shuttle "Discovery" placed a strange 88-pound satellite into orbit around the earth.  The satellite is a 19 inch sphere covered with 900 highly polished mirrors and is named "Starshine."  It is to orbit the earth for the next eight months, and the reason given for deploying it is, so children on earth can use it in school projects. (12)  If it were indeed deployed for school children, we would have to wonder why they put it in orbit just when almost all the schools were closing for the summer.  The name, "Starshine", also intrigues me, because when I was still in the occult, before my salvation and deliverance, "Starshine" was an important buzz word among witches, and there was even a song written called "Starshine", which started with the words, "Good morning starshine, the earth says hello, you twinkle above us, you twinkle below."  The song then went into what sounded like gibberish but was actually a satanic language form known as "Enochian."

It is interesting to note that the deployment of this large crystal ball was 18 days (3-sixes) from the closing of the witches' sabat of Midsummer.  Reflective orbs such as this are sacred to witches, because they see what they call "crystal images" when they gaze into them.  This form of divination is called "scrying."  Witches also play with what they call sacred numerology, and it also interests me that they have 900 mirrors on this satellite, and it is designed to be up there for 8 months. (13)  Zeros mean nothing in occult numerology, and since 9x8=72, I do not think the design of this thing is coincidental.  The number "72" is twelve 6's, and in numerology the number 12 is reduced to two 6's, since everything must be reduced to single digits.  Thus, we have twelve 6's with the 12 cut in half to form two sixes, which gives this occult orb the tag of 666.  To Christians, this is stupid and ridiculous, but the witches believe in it, and they had enough influence to get it up there.  The significance of this orb is the reflective power that it has when witches gather in their hexagram under the night sky near the sacred oak trees and perform their ritual of "drawing down the moon."  Witches believe that spirits travel through rays of sacred light, and they hold a chalice up to that light, as they insert the "Athame" or black-handled knife into the chalice to work their magic.  This is spiritual wickedness in high places.  As Christians, we must pray for the destruction of all such things, as we lift up our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ as the only way, truth and life!

Hillary & The Desert Ritual!

On March 28, just after the witches' sabat of the Vernal Equinox and after the Kosovo attack began, and just before the 2nd full moon of March or blue moon, Hillary and Chelsea were scheduled to participate in a strange desert ritual that the media passed off as a "camel ride in the desert."  The Associated Press reported,  "In the dark chill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton mounted camels and plodded a snaking trail toward the Saharan sunrise-a hushed finale to a clanging Berber jamboree of song, dance, fire and beasts." (14)  The ritual was called "Eid el-Adha" or "Feast of Sacrifice." (15)  Hillary was wrapped in a silvery white robe, while she "held court" until midnight, when the "fortune tellers" arrived. (16)  Before the fortune tellers arrived, the women sat cross-legged on red Berber carpets to have their palms, wrists, and ankles elaborately dyed with henna.  The occult timing of this desert ritual was true to form, and if you have really ever wondered if Hillary is into witchcraft, you have your answer.  It appears that Chelsea, as a neophyte, is following in her mothers footsteps.  What is the First Lady up to?  She is about her father's business!  Keep praying!

The U.S. Postal Service Honors A Witch Posthumously!

The U.S. Postal service has done it again!  We now have the 33 cent Ayn Rand stamp. (17)  The late Ayn Rand was a mistress to the late Phillipe Rothschild and was instructed by him to write a book entitled "Atlas Shrugged."  The story of this book was actually a cleverly disguised plan for world takeover in the last days, and the characters in the book were real characters in Illuminism under different names.  The stamp depicts the looming picture of Ayn Rand, whose face overshadows the skyscrapers of New York City, and the ominous number "33" occupies the lower left corner of the stamp.  More information on "Atlas Shrugged" was given in a previous issue of the Last Trumpet, including the explanation of what Ayn Rand said would happen when "the lights of New York City go out for the last time", and the head of the Rothschild tribunal under a different name would make the dollar sign as a benediction to signal the birth of the New World Order.

Aquarian Christianity, Religion Of The Deceived!

As a true Christian and minister of the Gospel, I appreciate beyond words the saving power of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  As a former occultist, I am filled with consternation over what I see going on in churches of our day, which dare to call themselves "Christian."  We have watched the churches deteriorate since the 1960's, but the spiritual rottenness has accelerated exponentially in recent years.  So-called "christian rock music" has taken churches to a new low level and has opened the way for worldliness and entertainment of the flesh rather than prayer and the fighting of spiritual battles.  There is now a "Christian" rock band called "ApologetiX", which is taking oldies rock classics and rewording them for use in churches.  One example is the occult song by the "Eagles" called "Hotel California."  This song is about the Church of Satan where "you can check in but never check out."  The ApologetiX band has changed the title to "Hotel Can't Afford Ya" to make a Christmas song out of it with the theme of no room in the inn. (18)  They have also taken the Don McLean classic, "American Pie" and changed it to "Parable Guy."  There are many other such occult songs that they have done this with, and it is a clear case of using a satanic and occult foundation to build a deceptive "New Age Christianity."  How can we draw upon Satan's inspirations and worship the Lord with it?  It appears that we are living in a time when most professing Christian's level of discernment is that of a fence post.  Here let it be noted that discernment is a spiritual gift, and it is only given to those that are actively fighting the enemy and not to those who have surrendered to the will of the Devil, the world and the flesh.

In another article entitled "Wanted: A Million Sins For The Millennium", we read of a new plan to have people call in their confessions on radio programs and send them in to newspapers. (19)  People are being encouraged to call in or send in the details of their transgressions to be aired and printed for all to see.  Their names will not be mentioned, but all of their sordid details of sins will.  The program is called the "Clean the Slate" campaign and is being promoted through the joint efforts of a chief rabbi and Cardinal Basil Hume.  This program is starting in Great Britain and will no doubt spread to the United States.

Illuminized Bodies, Souls And Minds!

Signs of the times are everywhere, and never has there been such spiritual blindness.  The mark of the Beast and the footprints of Satan, as he walks to and fro in the earth are clearly seen, if we will stop our activities long enough to watch and pray.  These are perilous times, and we have been warned in the Bible that they would come. (II Tim. 3:1-5).  We have learned that in a joint effort by AT&T and British Telecom, a new computer microchip is being developed, which can be implanted in the optic nerve behind the eye.  They have named the chip "Soul Catcher." (20)  It is said to be like an aircraft "black box" and will record a person's every sensation.  The designers say that it will capture "a complete record of every thought and sensation experienced during an individual's lifetime." (21)  Dr. Chris Winter of Heath Laboratories at Martlesham, England stated, "By combining the microchip information with a record of the individual's genes, we could possibly recreate a person physically, emotionally, and spiritually." (22)  Dr. Winter also explained, "Transplanting a chip that contains the experiences of an older person could be a way of downloading such information into a newborn." (23)

Another horrifying example of how far gone we are as a society is the development of a new device by "Vivid Interactive", which is a company that produces internet pornography.  Vivid Interactive has produced a full-body suit with special sensors that would allow people on the internet (cyberspace couples) to touch one another in 36 places on the body.  For about 100 dollars, someone can purchase a body suit, hook it up to a PC or laptop computer, and exchange heat and massage sensations with another internet user. (24)

Illicit sex, pornography, and perversions of every kind have saturated our nation and the world.  To make matters worse, a Japanese man named Yoshiro NakaMats, who has 3 doctoral degrees and holds over 3,000 patents, has placed a new item on the market after ten years of testing.  It is intended to outdo and replace Viagra, the male sex drug.  The new item, which works on men and women, is called "Love Jet" and is a topical spray for the genitals. (25)  The spray causes the body to release the sex hormone known as DHEA.  The 60-spray bottle costs 99 dollars.  God help us!  We don't need this and I hope that true Christians everywhere will pray and rebuke such devices as these that feed our sex-mad society.

In closing, I must say that I hope and pray this newsletter will wake people up to the realization that time is short, and the days are evil.  Has the world gone mad?  The Bible tells us it has!  In Jeremiah 51:7 we read, "Babylon hath been a golden cup in the Lord's hand, that made all the earth drunken: The nations have drunken of her wine; therefore the nations are mad."  As Christians, we have power to pray and get answers, as we fight for the cause of our Saviour.  The Almighty dwells within his people, and when we know and believe this, our lives will change.  This is our time to rise up and take the beast by the horns in prayer.  I have watched with amazement as prayer after prayer is answered, and strongholds of evil crumble and fall.  Praying and believing Christians are always on the winning side!  It is not hard to get answers to prayer but it is hard to get people to pray.  You can do it!  By the time you receive this issue of the Last Trumpet, we will have returned from New York City, where we are going to do spiritual warfare.  Please remember us in prayer, as we travel west to Spokane, Washington, where we will be holding a seminar on July 30 and 31 at the Doubletree Hotel from 5:00 P.M. until 10:00 P.M. both nights.  Announcements will be sent out, but you may also write for information.  Your prayers and support of this ministry are so very much appreciated, and I sincerely thank all of you who help us!  Grace and Peace be unto you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

David J. Meyer

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