Volume XIX     Issue IV    April 2000
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“For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle?” I Cor. 14:8

A Nation Spiritually Razed & Ruined!

"And every one that heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand: And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell: and great was the fall of it."            

Matthew 7:26-27

"Because I have called, and ye refused; I have stretched out my hand, and no man regarded; But ye have set at nought all my counsel, and would none of my reproof: I also will laugh at your calamity; I will mock when your fear cometh; When your fear cometh as desolation, and your destruction cometh as a whirlwind; when distress and anguish cometh upon you.  Then shall they call upon me, but I will not answer; they shall seek me early, but they shall not find me: For that they hated knowledge, and did not choose the fear of the Lord: They would none of my counsel: They despised all my reproof.  Therefore shall they eat of the fruit of their own way, and be filled with their own devices.  For the turning away of the simple shall slay them, and the prosperity of fools shall destroy them.  But whoso hearkeneth unto me shall dwell safely, and shall be quiet from fear of evil."

Proverbs 1:24-33

      In this issue of the Last Trumpet, we will consider a spiritual menace, which has already engulfed our nation.  I am referring to the rising religion of the false prophet, as mentioned in Revelation 16:13 as follows: "And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet."  Satan, and his Masterminds of the Illuminati Great Conspiracy are working like mad to bring forth the "new religion" and "one-world church."  This is the year for the documents to be signed that will create the monster as described specifically in the book of Revelation.  This signing is to take place in San Francisco, California, on June 26, 2000, when the United Religions Initiative Global Assembly meets in that quaking city of infamy.  Here let it be noted that it was on that very same date, June 26, in the year 1945, when the United Nations Charter was set in motion in San Francisco, and the greatest menace the world has ever known was created and positioned on the banks of the East River in New York City.  We could say much about the infamy and treachery of the United Nations, and how it promoted commUNism throughout the world.  Now, it is not just the UN beast system that we must be concerned with but the UR or United Religions.  Sixty million signatures are expected to be obtained to support the UR charter of the false prophet system.  I think it is rather interesting that this new one-world church organization is called the UR, because we can read in Genesis 11:31 and 12:1 that the Almighty told Abram to get out of Ur of the Chaldees, which was part of Babylon!

A Sign Of God's Rebuke!

In the last days of 1999, as the world was preparing for the new millennium, the Pope celebrated a special midnight mass after opening the "Holy Door" of St. Peter's Basilica to set in motion the "Great Jubilee of the Year 2000."  Just after opening this "sacred door" and giving "Urbi et Orbi" or "city and the world" blessing, violent storms began to form, which began to rip through Europe causing amazing death and destruction. (1)  By the very next day, whirlwinds of over 120 miles per hour lashed Western Europe, killing 53 people and doing untold damage. (2)  On December 27, the storms continued to lash France, Spain, Switzerland, and Germany, all predominantly Roman Catholic.  The death toll was rising as 33 were reported dead in Eastern France. (3)  Power was knocked out, and the storms were so violent that over 120,000 trees were damaged or destroyed in Paris and the surrounding areas.  At the Versailles Chateau, 10,000 trees were uprooted, and Chief Gardener Joel Cottin said, "It looks as if a dinosaur has trampled over it." (4)  Then, the storms turned with a vengeance and headed for Rome.  The gates to all of Rome's parks had to be closed, and finally, the storm began to wind down. (5)      

I do not think that we need any more of the Pope's open doors and blessings.  In fact, the Almighty said he would curse such blessings, which He obviously did.  Consider the following from Malachi 2:1-3, "And now, O ye priests, this commandment is for you.  If ye will not hear, and if ye will not lay it to heart, to give glory unto my name, saith the Lord of hosts, I will even send a curse upon you, and I will curse your blessings: yea, I have cursed them already, because ye do not lay it to heart.  Behold, I will corrupt your seed, and spread dung upon your faces, even the dung of your solemn feasts; and one shall take you away with it." 

Preparing People For Unholy Unity!     

On February 26, 2000, the Pope made a trip to Mt. Sinai to retrace the footsteps of Moses.  He flew into St. Catherine's Airport and made the 13 mile trip to the famous mountain. (6)  In the shadow of the towering mountain, the Pope made a speech and declared, "The wind of Sinai carries an insistent invitation to dialogue between the followers of the great monotheistic religions in their service of the human family." (7)  The Pope was referring to the unity that is to be achieved between "Christians", Muslims, and Jews.  The Pope then practiced a form of witchcraft called "necromancy", as he removed his ring and touched it to the finger bone and skull of "St. Catherine" and then put it back on his own finger. (8)  All of this is part of the plot to unify all religions into one Luciferian superchurch with total intolerance toward anyone who will not join it.

In another historic move toward unification, the Pope set forth his plans of mea culpa and issued a world-wide public apology on behalf of Roman Catholicism for all of its sins against humanity. (9)  Apologies were made to Judaism and to the victims of the bloody inquisition, which killed millions at the behest of the Roman Catholic hierarchy. (10)  Such a "cry on the shoulder" tactic is all part of the plot to unify all religions.       

In another unprecedented move toward unification into a one-world church, American Catholic bishops have asked the Vatican to designate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. a "Martyr for the Christian faith." (11)  The Baptist civil rights leader is the hero of millions of black people, so the Vatican designating a non-Catholic as a martyr is another move, the purpose of which is all too obvious.  We are seeing the many religions coming together at a great rate of speed, and it is a sign that our Lord is soon to return.  In Texas, a special service was held to proclaim a "unity pact" between the Roman Catholic Church and the World Lutheran Federation. (12)  As a sign of unity, Roman Catholic Bishop John McCarthy embraced Lutheran Bishop James Bennett, while the congregation jumped to their feet and broke into applause. (13)  Here Let it be noted that according to a recent report, Paul Crouch of the large "Trinity Broadcasting Network" made the following statement, "I have come to the conviction that Martin Luther made a mistake.  He should never have left the Roman Catholic Church.  I am eradicating the word Protestant out of my vocabulary.  I am not protesting anything.  It's time for Catholics and non-Catholics to come together as one in the Spirit and one in the Lord." (14) 

The New Religion Of Tolerance For Sin!

On January 21, 2000, a meeting of interfaith clergy produced a statement regarding sexuality.  The statement specifically asked all faiths to "Sanction same-sex marriages, bless gay and lesbian clergy, endorse access to abortion and contraception, and to provide life-long sex education." (15)  Another amazing statement was issued on February 12, 2000, by two of the supposed "greatest theologians", namely, Diana Eck of Harvard University and Marcus Borg of Oregon State University.  Dr. Eck said, "We can't enter the 21st century with the idea of God we learned in Sunday school....None of us owns the universe of faith...I'm convinced it's time for all of our theisms to be recognized."(16) These statements were made in a conference held in Oregon called "God at 2000."  At the same conference, a Benedictine nun named Joan Chittister drew a standing ovation, when she gave a talk about God as a genderless concept. (17)

Satan is hard at work, and the reports are coming from everywhere regarding this new church and religion of the false prophet.  I am also reminded of the words of the infamous pro-abortion, bisexual witch, Hillary Clinton, who stood in the National Cathedral on this past New Years Eve and said,"We give you thanks, oh God, for your church throughout the world.....Grant that all who seek you by many names may be united in your truth..." (18)  The word of God clearly states in Acts 4:12 that there is only one name by which we must be saved, and that is the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!            

The Clinton Antichrist Administration   

Never has there been a time such as this, when the President of the United States, Mr. Embarrassment, is allowed to continue in his corrupt and evil ways.  We must also remember, however, that he is leading a nation that has become morally bankrupt and utterly void of discernment between what is truly right and what is truly wrong.  When Mr. Embarrassment gave his State of the Union Address this past January, I was quite amazed that all nine of the Justices of the Supreme Court, which is one entire branch of our government refused to attend.  All nine sent their apologies, which is something that had never happened in the history of our country. (19)  We have now learned from a news report dated March 16, 2000, that the Arkansas Supreme Court's Committee on Professional Conduct has called for the disbarment of President Clinton as an attorney.  The President has asked that they wait to disbar him until he leaves office. (20)  This man should hang his head in shame and resign, but instead, he walks in hypocrisy and maintains his lofty and deceitful image.  This is the man who likes to be seen carrying a Bible and has had the ability to single-handedly stop partial-birth abortion but has refused to do it.  This man of the beast seems to get along very well with the false prophet. 

Another example of hypocrisy, which is so hated of the Lord, is the recent slip made by Vice President Al Gore, who is running like mad to be the President.  In a recent campaign speech, Al Gore was speaking about how important his faith is to him.  In that speech, he stated that his favorite Bible verse is "John 16:3."  The speech writer, of course, meant John 3:16, which is well-known to almost anyone with even an ounce of Christian teaching.  No one in the Gore camp, including the Vice President himself, knew enough about the Bible to even notice the difference, so the error was left uncorrected.  The amazing thing is that John 16:3 fits these Illuminists so well, and I believe the Almighty ordained their error to bring forth the truth about them.  John 16:3 says,"And these things they will do unto you, because they have not known the Father, nor me." 

Clinton's Top Priority Project!     

President Clinton has made it clear that there must be a "peace deal" signed in the Middle East well before he leaves office, and he has offered Syria and the Israeli State 45 billion dollars to make it happen. (21)  The payments are to be made in three segments of 15 billion dollars each, which has amazing occult significance.  In occult numerology, the number 5 is the number of death.  Fifteen contains three 5's or death tripled.  Here let it be noted that the Washington Monument is 555 feet high and is the first object that the rising sun or Baal strikes every morning as Satan's shadow is cast over the city of Washington, D.C.  It is also interesting to multiply 555 feet by 12 to get 6660 inches.  None of this is coincidence, as it was the Illuministic Freemasons that designed it.  We also have a five-sided death house at our nation's capital known as the "Pentagon."  Certain questions come to mind regarding this whole scenario.  Will President Clinton bring forth a covenant in the Middle East?  Will Clinton then bring forth emergency conditions that will allow him to remain in office and expand his powers?  Time will tell, and there is not much of that left.

There are many strange and clandestine things going on in this month of March, and the witches and occultists that provide the spiritual power for the Illuminati have been very busy.  Because of the leap year with February having 29 days, the 66th day of the year fell on the 6th of March.  This day was also the eve of the pagan festival of Mardi Gras and the eve of "Super Tuesday", when 13 states hold primary elections.  Then came the Ides of March on the 15th and the witches' sabat of the vernal equinox on Monday, (named for the moon) March 20th, which also happens to be a full moon.  To the true Christian this is foolishness, but the Illuminists plan their activities around such events, and I do not think that we should choose to be ignorant of their devices.   

One more point that must be mentioned regarding Clinton and the occult is that there are two ways that witches receive power in the upper levels of the craft.  Power is obtained through sex and blood, and our President is saturated with both.  Here let it be noted that on January 22, 2000, the occultists commemorated 27 years of butchering babies in America.  It was on January 22, 1973, that the infamous Roe v. Wade decision was handed down, and a new industry of blood was launched in this country.  While the blood of countless millions of babies cries unto the Almighty, President Clinton commemorated the day by saying, "I believe that Roe v. Wade is proper and is a law that should be upheld." (22) 

Watch Out For The Intrusive U.S. Census 2000!

The constitutional law of the United States provides for a census to be taken every ten years in this country.  The penalty for non-compliance is 100 dollars and is 500 dollars for submitting false information.  It seems that every census is more intrusive, and the 2000 long-form census unconscienably invades what little privacy we have left.  The Constitution of the United States does not allow the Federal Government to invade our lives but only to count the people and indicate their location.  There is now a major shock and outrage, which has led to an uproar among the people that has been felt from coast to coast.  People have been calling the Census offices as well as their Congressmen and hold the phone near their paper shredders, while running their census forms through the machine.  Regardless of U.S. Code, Title 13, section 221, people are in open revolt.  On Tuesday, March 14, census officials received over 600,000 irate phone calls!  Capitol Hill was also caught off guard, and one Congressional aide said, "It's a firestorm."  One caller had this to say, "Is this Al Gore's idea of reinventing government?  I have to tell Washington how I got to work last week?  In what type of car? And the location of my office?  _____ it!  I'll pay the 100 bucks!" (23)

Questions are also asked on this census form about finances, mortgages, insurance, employers and details of employment and even such personal things as questions regarding health and mental illness.  In short, all of the things that an antichrist government would need to know to quickly round up people and send them off to detention camps, if they have a mind to do it!

All Russians To Be Given A Personal 666 Bar Code!     

On March 14, 2000, a shocking story was released by Mikhail Kotov, a staff writer for "Russia Today", with the following title: '666' Bar Code Tax Number To Be Given Every Russian Citizen.  It has become a hot issue in Russia, because the leaders of the Russian Orthodox Church are protesting the bar codes saying that "It contains the fiendish number 666." (24)  The Russian Orthodox Church has also stated, "Many Christians revere their names given them at baptism as holy and consider it undignified to be given new numerical names by the government." (25) All Russian citizens are to be given a plastic card with their 666 bar code assignment number on it, and if they refuse it, all governmental benefits and medical aid will be denied.  The Russian Orthodox Church has announced that anyone who accepts the card will be denied Holy Communion! (26)   

It is only a matter of time until the same thing happens in this country and world-wide.  The bar code is on almost everything already except people.  That is the next logical step, and that is when reality is going to hit with many worldly, backslidden and complacent Christians, who have allowed the devil to hook up a spiritual I.V. or intravenous device to pump the world into their souls.  Revelation, chapter 13, is unfolding before our very eyes, and the sad fact is that nearly all ministers and ministries, including all mainstream churches, have already taken this mark of the beast in their hearts.  With this comes a stern warning from Ezekiel 14:3-5, which says, "Son of man, these men have set up their idols in their heart, and put the stumblingblock of their iniquity before their face: should I be enquired of at all by them?  Therefore speak unto them, and say unto them, Thus saith the Lord God; Every man of the house of Israel that setteth up his idols in his heart, and putteth the stumblingblock of his iniquity before his face, and cometh to the prophet; I the Lord will answer him that cometh according to the multitude of his idols; That I may take the house of Israel in their own heart, because they are all estranged from me through their idols."          

More Evidence Of Moral Bankruptcy!     

The Prophet Isaiah in chapter 57:20-21, warned us about the filth of the last days when he wrote, "But the wicked are like the troubled sea, when it cannot rest, whose waters cast up mire and dirt.  There is no peace, saith my God, to the wicked."  These verses clearly describe the very condition of our day, as we see Sodom, Egypt and Babylon form before our very eyes.  Here let it be noted that "First Lady", Hillary Clinton, recently marched in a special gay and lesbian St. Patrick's Day parade along Skillman Avenue in Queens, New York City.  She first attended the infamous and Illuministic Riverside Church, where she was the speaker.  She then borrowed an office, where she changed into a pants suit and lime green scarf and was then whisked away to join the parade.  Hillary marched with the "Lesbian and Gay Big Apple Corps." (27)  Brendan Fay, of the lesbian Lavender and Green Alliance, had this to say regarding Hillary, "I am honored and delighted by Mrs. Clinton's decision to march and share our message of inclusiveness." (28)

The New York Daily News recently reported the following in its New York Now section, "Broadway will heat up this spring with plenty of sex, nudity and eroticism."  The titles are many, and they are all filthy and demoralizing, including Disney's racy "Aida" about an Egyptian princess.  Among all the filth that is about to open on Broadway is the blasphemous "Jesus Christ Superstar." (29)  Also playing in New York is a movie entitled "The Annabel Chong Story", which is a documentary and not rated.  It is about Annabel Chong, a woman who had sex with 251 men in 10 hours.  She also cuts her arms with razor blades for effect. (30)  The sad fact is that so many people are entertained by such things, and it reveals how far gone we are as a nation.

Lust In Space!      

Since the Last Trumpet Newsletter was first published in 1981, I have published information revealing that the space program is satanic and is a modern-day tower of Babel.  I believe this more than ever and am praying all the harder against this wicked program.  Now we have learned that NASA, the National Aeronautics & Space Administration, has been conducting sex experiments in space.  NASA is denying it up and down, but they were caught by French author and astronomer Pierre Kohler, who exposed NASA project #12 571-3570.  The documents of this project describe how scientists worked with astronauts to assess the possibilities of weightless intercourse, drawing up a short list of 10 sexual positions later tested by an astronaut couple in the zero-gravity conditions of orbit. (31)  The details of this experiment are not worth publishing, but I have known for a long time that strange things have been going on in space, including occult activity.             

America's Gas Problem! 

It is happening all over again!  In 1973, I remember paying 37.9 cents per gallon for gasoline.  Within months, it went up to 79.9 and then 89.9, and when some people began to predict that it could hit one dollar per gallon, a lot of laughter was generated.  They wouldn't dare!  Soon, people were not laughing anymore.  The price of gasoline went well over one dollar per gallon, and other fuels increased in price proportionally.  The transportation system, which is the lifeblood of the nation's economy, depends upon fuel to move goods and provide services of every kind.  Prices on everything began to escalate to cover increased costs of transportation.  Inflation began to engulf the country, and interest rates began to rise.  People watched in unbelief as the prime rate of interest hit 16 percent.  Money was tight, and people with variable interest rates on properties and chattels began to lose their possessions to foreclosure. I remember this well and it was not all that long ago.     

We are being told that the Middle East oil producing countries have cut back on the production of oil and that is what has sent the prices in an upward spiral.  Those who understand that there is an Illuminati conspiracy also know that such conditions are manufactured to bring about conditions of change.  Such change is deemed necessary to bring the Luciferian scheme for one-world government closer to its objective.  One question that demands an answer is why, if there is such a severe shortage of fuel, do we export so much crude oil from oil-rich Alaska to other countries?  We are now being told that the price of gasoline will soon reach 1.80 per gallon and could even hit 2.00 per gallon. (32)  Remember, fuel is not just one affected commodity but rather a commodity that affects everything.  Airlines are already announcing big fare hikes. (33)  The entire economy of this country is in the process of being repositioned according to global, Illuministic strategy.

Why All The Talk About Guns?

Everyday, the news is filled with stories and debates about guns and gun controls.  It should be obvious to anyone that guns are not a problem but rather the spiritual condition of the one who holds the gun.  Since President Clinton first took office in 1992, he has wanted to disarm the entire nation.  In order to rally public support against guns, incidents had to be provided which would horrify people, and before long we began to hear of tragedy taking place in the form of adult shooting sprees.  Most of these were adult men attacking schools and playgrounds.  Then, it went from adults wielding guns to teens shooting up schools, such as the Columbine school in Colorado.  Most recently, it has been little children of 5 or 6 years old, such as the six-year-old boy from Michigan killing the six-year-old girl. (34)  The pattern is easy to see, and as evil and nefarious as it may sound, I believe that government agents, using various techniques, including mind control, have provided these incidents to create outrage against guns and disarm the country for Illuminati takeover.

Hillary Clinton has also been pushing like mad to disarm the nation and has proposed the placement of X-ray high-tech scanners on the streets of our cities to determine if people are carrying handguns.  Mayor Giuliani of New York City said that Hillary is planning to set these devices up on street corners to scan everyone who walks by. (35)  Hillary said that these devices would reduce the number of "stop and frisks." (36)  It is astounding to watch as the Illuminati begins to tie all of its final programs together.

The Earth Quakes And We Are Warned! 

We are no doubt living in the end time, and the signs and warnings are everywhere.  Matthew, chapter 24, and Luke, chapter 21, are being fulfilled before our very eyes.  Hurricanes have been on the increase every year, and now the climate scientists are telling us that what we have seen thus far is nothing compared to what is on the way. (37) According to Dr. Kam-biu Liu of Louisiana State University, we are in an increasingly active hurricane pattern that will make everything that we have seen in the last few years look like wimps. (38)

Droughts are another problem, and Commerce Secretary William Daley is calling the drought outlook for this year a "dangerous situation."  Over 25 of the 50 states will suffer drought this year, including the parched South. (39)   

Earthquakes continue and have been many since the previous month's newsletter.  On February 25, a powerful earthquake struck in the Pacific Ocean off Australia. (40)  The next day, three more quakes shook the Turkish-Iraqi border area. (41)  That same day, February 26, another earthquake rocked Nepal. (42)  The earthquakes just keep on and on, but for some reason, not many of them make the news.  In a three-day period from March 12th through March 14th, twenty-one earthquakes, averaging nearly 5 on the Richter scale, happened throughout the world. (43)  When will people wake up and repent?  I pray to God, it will be soon!

In closing, I want to encourage everyone to keep praying the prayers of faith.  There is only one who can help us through all of this, and He will, if we have faith in Him.  Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ will soon return as the last trumpet sounds.  I am praying for you all.  Please accept my humble thanks to all of you who support this ministry.  May God bless you exceedingly is my prayer for you.  Remember, our fax number is 920-887-2626, and my e-mail address is djm-ltm@powerweb.net.  Grace and Peace be multiplied unto you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.                               

David J. Meyer

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