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Volume XXI     Issue III    March  2002
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The Popular Antichrist Beast!

"Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me. And ye will not come to me, that ye might have life. I receive not honour from men. But I know you, that ye have not the love of God in you. I am come in my Father's name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive."

John 5:39-43

"And I heard, but I understood not: then said I, O my Lord, what shall be the end of these things? And he said, Go thy way, Daniel: for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end. Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand."

Daniel 12:8-10

"And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him? And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months. And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven. And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues and nations. And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world."

Revelation 13:4-8

In this issue of the Last Trumpet Newsletter, we will use the gift of faith through the Scriptures to examine the amazing and astounding events that are now upon us. We are seeing before our very eyes the rise of the antichrist beast and the manifestation of Satan's power. We also see that what is supposed to be "Christianity" is not only completely disarmed to fight Satan but is also in a state of capitulation with the kingdom of darkness! Organized religion has fallen for the lies, deceits, and temptations of a state-controlled religion, which has the malevolent blessing of the beast, and so-called "mainstream Christianity" has become the very seat of Satan. When we understand these things we find that a lot of questions are answered. Our country and world is in deep trouble, because people have refused to repent and are indifferent and apathetic toward truth, and there is no remedy for that! When people embrace dead, governmental-controlled religion and wallow in repetitious ritual, they are worshipping the beast and the dragon. We must remember that it is Satan who wanted to be God and still does. He is very religious and deceptive and only the blood-washed remnant of our Lord Jesus Christ, who saves people in spite of religion, will escape what is soon to come.

The above verses tell of a mass-acceptance of the beast religion and an absolute rejection of the true Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, in the final days, and it is most assuredly coming to pass before our very eyes. Judgement will be severe, and awesome things are about to happen. On September 11, 2001, awesome things happened that have changed our nation forever, but all of that was just the beginning of sorrows.

The Cursed City Of New York!

New York City is known by many other names, not the least of which is "capital of the world." I have been to this awesome city eleven times and have done much praying there as well as research. I can say without hesitation that since my most recent trip to New York in early July, 2001, the city has a powerful curse upon it. New York City is the capital of every world enterprise. Even the Vatican has its money there. That "great city" is the very epitome of globalism, a one-world economy, and a one-world religion and is without a doubt a modern-day Babylon. The headquarters of the Illuminati itself is at 58 East 68th Street in Manhattan. The United Nations, headquarters for commUNism, stands along the East River. Anyone who has truly examined New York City must agree that there is no city like it on earth. The Interchurch Center on the upper west side of Manhattan contains the headquarters of the National Council of Churches and the World Council of Churches. In that same neighborhood is the infamous Union Theological Seminary and Columbia University. Illuminism is everywhere. In Job 1:7 we read, "And the Lord said unto Satan, Whence comest thou? Then Satan answered the Lord, and said, From going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it." With that in mind, it seems that Satan has left a lot of footprints in that amazing city! This is the city that has become the springboard to launch the final war and cataclysm designed to bring forth the universal demand for everlasting peace at any cost, including the forfeiture of all rights, liberties, and freedoms in order to achieve "peace and safety."

I have in front of me a copy of the front cover of a booklet made available in 1998. The booklet is entitled Emergency Response To Terrorism, with subtitles "Basic Concepts-Instructor Guide." It also has the logos of the U.S. Justice Department, FEMA and the United States Fire Administration on it. The amazing thing about this official booklet is that the front cover also features a drawing of the southern skyline of Manhattan with crosshairs of a sight trained on the very spot of the south World Trade Center tower where the airplane hit. The crosshairs are not dead center on the tower but off center on the very spot where the plane struck it 39 months later. (1) In the occult, the number 39 is known as Baal's number, because it is three 13's.

Those who understand that there is an Illuminati conspiracy and that Satan is the chief conspirator will understand that the destruction of the twin towers of the World Trade Center was planned in New York City at 58 East 68th Street. The Council on Foreign Relations or Illuminati, which is headquartered there, masterminded the entire plot in order to change this nation and the entire world forever and to bring forth a totalitarian police state and one-world dictatorship! The Almighty is allowing this plot to run its course, but He will intervene in due time. In fact, the Creator of the universe left His mark in the rubble of those erstwhile great twin towers. On February 11, 2002, the New York Post newspaper reported that, to the amazement of rescue workers, something was found that arrested the attention of those who saw it. Amid the rubble of the South Tower, buried under tons of twisted steel, having survived over 93 days of fires, was one little page of a Bible. It was found on the 11th day of February in the rubble of the disaster of the 11th day of September, precisely five months later. (in the occult, the number 5 is the number of death.) Of the many pages of the Bible, which contains 66 books, the one page that survived the tragedy of an 11th day and was found on an 11th day was Genesis, chapter 11. The page was found by photographer and actor Gary Gere and FDNY safety director Michael Bellone, who said they were blown away by it. (2) Here is what that page of Genesis, chapter 11, says, "....And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth. And the Lord came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of men builded. And the Lord said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do. Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another's speech. So the Lord scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of the earth: and they left off to build the city." (Genesis 11:4-8)

The response of those who found the frail little page containing the powerful words did not get the message. Bellone said, "It was amazing; the finding leads me to believe that we can't rebuild fast enough. We can start all over again." (3) Now we have learned that the officials in New York City are planning to install 88 high powered lights at the sight of the fallen towers, which will project "towers of light" over 2000 feet into the air to form a gigantic figure 11 to illuminate the sky over that accursed city. (4)

New York City has numerous other problems of great magnitude as a result of the downed towers. Repairing the subway system alone is costing one million dollars per day. The clean up of the stricken WTC area is estimated at one billion dollars. (5) As people pass by and stand on the viewing platform, they wag their heads. Others have become so angry that they have been heard to hiss with madness. All of this can be found in the Bible. In Zephaniah 2:15 we read, "Because my people hath forgotten me, they have burned incense to vanity, and they have caused them to stumble in their ways from the ancient paths, to walk in paths, in a way not cast up; To make their land desolate, and a perpetual hissing; everyone that passeth thereby shall be astonished, and wag his head. I will scatter them as with an east wind before the enemy; I will show them the back, and not the face, in the day of their calamity." 

The job losses in New York City have been staggering. In lower Manhattan, twenty-five percent of the jobs have been lost since September 11, 2001. (6) Of the 370,000 jobs in that area, 100,000 are permanently lost. (7) The turmoil is sometimes beyond description. This troubled city of New York is also facing a severe drought and water shortage, and the dry winter has caused water supplies to dwindle to 41.5 percent of capacity. (8) Mayor Bloomberg has issued a drought alert. (9) To further complicate matters, the aqueduct which supplies New York City from upstate is leaking 38 million gallons of water per day and will take a year to repair, because the many leaks have sprung along a vast distance. (10) While all of these things are going on, New York City is also being troubled by numerous packs of wild dogs, which have been attacking people especially in the Rockaways area. In fact, recent headlines in the New York Daily News said, "Stray Dogs Running Amok In City." (11) It is also interesting to note that tree-devouring beetles have now invaded Central Park and are destroying the maple trees. (12) I find this to be a sign from the Lord, because in the middle of Central Park is a large and very evil Egyptian obelisk, which was brought from Egypt by the Vanderbilt family and placed in Central Park. I have been there a number of times and have seen the sacrifices of food that people leave for the sun god at the base of the obelisk, which looks like a smaller version of the Washington Monument. It is interesting that the Egyptians held the beetle as sacred and called it a "scarab." It appears that the beetles are coming home to their monument and are eating the trees along the way. This is a sign from God! One more thing should be remembered. The rock group known as the "Beatles" were highly occultic, and took their name from the Egyptian scarab. They also spent a lot of time in Central Park in New York.

The Illuministic Global Economy!

While we continue to hear from our controlled and Illuminati-managed news media that things are getting better, we continue to see the collapse of our country economically. We continue to hear announcements such as these: "Gateway Computers, Inc. to cut 2,250 jobs." (13) "Ford Axes 35,000 Jobs." (14) "Toys R Us to cut 1,900 jobs and close 64 stores." (15) Almost every day we hear of such conditions, and while the experts are urging that a recovery is underway, the sometimes deceiving numbers from Wall Street mean nothing to the many millions of people who no longer have a job. All of this is designed to reduce the United States down to economic enslavement as a controlled unit of Satan's one-world empire. The powers at work in our economy are occultic and the Enron scandal is a prime example of that fact.

The Witchcraft Of Enron!

The Enron Corporation has greatly occupied the news lately, but there is so much that is not being said about this bankrupt energy management company. We do know that this Houston-based company has strong ties to the Bush family, especially George H.W. Bush, the former President of the United States, who is sometimes referred to as "Poppy Bush" and more accurately as "Opium Poppy Bush", because of all the drug dealings that he was involved in and because of his connections with the "Golden Triangle" in Burma. Here let it be noted that Enron Executive Kenneth Lay, who has suddenly developed a very short memory, and Poppy Bush are very good friends. In fact, Enron was the largest contributor to the current President's election campaign. (16) The Enron company was once the seventh largest corporation in America, and its headquarters consist of twin towers in downtown Houston. The New York Daily News presented a picture of these twin towers of Enron calling them "towers of Babel." (17) This huge company held the investments of millions of people and suddenly went bankrupt, as 1.3 billion dollars suddenly disappeared, which included the retirement funds of 147,000 teachers. (18) The retirement funds and life savings of countless thousands of people were wiped out leaving them with virtually nothing for their senior years. This was done by means of creating a complex web of "shell investment entities", which were named after characters from a powerful witchcraft movie series known as Star Wars. Crooked money pit enterprises named after Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, OB-1 Kenobe, and others did the job for them. (19)

When the U.S. Senate panel subpoenaed Bush's friend and Enron executive Kenneth Lay, he did not even show up for the hearing. (20) We also know that President Bush, when asked if he would comment on the Enron situation during his State of the Union Address said, "I don't want to talk about it, and I don't have to talk about it; why do the American people think that I have to?" When I heard that on the news, I was stunned at this so-called "Christian" President's audacity! I must also note that the State of the Union Address was always traditionally given on the 20th of January as the Illuminati's sun-god left the sign of Capricorn and entered the sign of Aquarius, which is the 11th sign of their Zodiac and the name of their new age for the new world order. This year, they waited for the full moon following their sun-god's crossing of the cusp. Then, in the middle of the Enron scandal, we saw the pictures in the newspapers of Poppy Bush and his son, the President, standing with their wives in front of St. John's Church in Washington complete with large, plastic, Sunday morning smiles with the caption "The Family That Prays Together." (21) Now we know that Vice President Cheney is facing lawsuits for absolutely refusing to hand over Enron documents that involve him. (22) Then, while paper shredders were hard at work destroying Enron documents, a former Enron executive, John Clifford Baxter, was found dead in his car with a hole in his head. It was immediately ruled a suicide. (23) And now, to top it off, Enron executive Kenneth Lay, who is as crooked as a barrel of fish hooks, is following the Bush example of hypocrisy by saying that he is praying that God will help him get through. (24) All this cheap talk from people who are occultic and illuministic, and have chosen the name "Enron" for occultic reasons.

Before I explain the occultic meaning of the name Enron, I must first point out that in witchcraft, words carry powerful meanings, and especially so if they are used backwards. This is Satan's specialty. Mirror images, reversals, and inversions are very important in the realm of the occult, and I know that because I was once very much a part of that world. Just as words such as "red rum" are used, which is "murder" spelled backwards, the name "Enron" is the backwards spelling of "Norne." The word "Norne" is an old Norse word, but most dictionaries have dropped the letter "e" at the end. In old Norse language the "e" would make Norn plural. Witches and Illuminists understand that the Norns or "die Norne" (Enron) are the three fates or "Weird Sisters" from Teutonic "Wyrd" or fate. The three weird sisters of fate were known as "Urth" (Earth), Verthandi, and Skuld and answered to past, present, and future. The third Norn, Skuld, was the one to lay the death-curse on the whole universe at doomsday. Those that followed Skuld were said to practice "Skulduggery", which is another name for witchcraft. From the name "Skuld", also came the word "scold", which means a woman gifted with the power of cursing. When we realize that Prescott Sheldon Bush, George Herbert Walker Bush, and the current President, George W. Bush, all went through the initiation into the Skull and Bones secret society at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, and that they all laid naked in a stone sarcophagus and were born again into a satanic order, we can understand how the witchcraft or skulduggery of this secret society connects them with the doomsday curse of the name "Enron." The members of this family are followers of the third member of the witches' Norne or the reverse of Enron to bring forth the skulduggery of the last days. We must also remember that the year 2002 is very special in the realm of witchcraft, because it is a "radar" year. Just as the word radar can be spelled forward or backward and it is the same, so the year 2002 is a mirror image year, and on March 20, 2002, the Mars ingress is to bring forth the "Age of Aquarius." I thank God that I am no longer a part of that world, but my faith and confidence is in the saving power of the blood of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ!

The United States Of America-A Communist Police State?

As mentioned previously, the changes that have taken place in the United States since September 11, 2001, have been shocking. The evidence that we are living in a police state is all around us, as "big brother" watches all of us with microscopic focus in the name of our own protection. Those who had gone to the recent Super Bowl football game commented to reporters that it looked like a war zone. Those who are at the occultic Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah, are finding the same thing, as an army with assault weapons is positioned everywhere. This is not the America I remember as a boy. 

During the recent World Economic Forum held in New York City, the area was referred to as an "armed camp." (25) This World Economic Forum was held during the witches' sabat of "Imbolc", which is a Scotch-Gaelic word that means "in the belly." The witches celebrate this on February 2nd as the first stirrings of the new spring in the womb of "Mother Earth." This forum was no doubt a first stirring of the new age of Aquarius or new world order that is soon to come forth according to their plan. There were huge protests, and evil spirits were manifesting everywhere, as the Illuminati is now making its final plans to seize upon the entire world as they move at break-neck speed to make their efforts fit within the dictates of occult timing. As a former occultist and astrologer, I understand this all too well. The intent of the Masterminds of the Great Illuminati Conspiracy is to spring upon the world a forced unification through economics and religion. The element of surprise is vital to their cause.

Signs of the times are everywhere. I have a picture of the headquarters of the European Union, and it is spiral-shaped like the tower of Babel. The current war and rumours of war all tell me that the last days are upon us. The Illuminati has planned its work and is working its plan, and their tell-tale numbers give away their activities if one knows what to look for. It is interesting to note that the five-sided death house, known as the Pentagon, which serves as the headquarters for the various branches of the U.S. Military, was begun to be built on September 11, 1941. It was attacked on September 11, 2001, exactly 60 years later. Now it has been announced that the damaged part will be reopened on September 11, 2002. (26) The number 11 is the illuministic Aquarian number.

I now have an article in front of me which tells that the city of Washington, D.C. is building the nations' biggest network of surveillance cameras in the nation. At all shopping areas, monuments, streets, and in every part of the city, monitors will be watching people continually. (27) The head of this police department project, Stephen Gaffigan said, "In the context of September 11, we have no choice but to accept greater use of this technology." (28) Gaffigan went on to point out that the British government already has two million of these cameras throughout Britain, and he said, "We are intrigued by that model." (29) We can only wonder how long it will be until we have such cameras in every city in the United States. Remember that the symbol of the Illuminati is a single cycloptic eye above a pyramid and back-lighted by satanic Luciferian light.

Another Indicator Of The New Communism In America

I'll never forget the time just under two years ago when I was riding through the Seattle, Washington, area known as Fremont. It is the University area, and there are a lot of strange things going on there, including heavy Masonic activity. On one corner was a huge bronze statue of the Communist Vladimir Lenin. What a disgrace and outrage, but there it was, and it was brought over here from a Soviet state at great expense and erected as a monument on one of our streets. In disbelief, I stood there and took pictures of it.

I am now even more outraged because our United States Postal Service has honored a flaming red-hot Communist Red by putting him on a 34 cent postage stamp, which is a prime display. (30) The man's name is Langston Hughes, a poet and playwright, who has had his material on the preferred reading lists of the World and National Council of Churches. To honor this man is reprehensible. I have seen his writings in children's sections of certain book stores, and his appearance on the U.S. Postage stamp is to honor him as a part of black heritage. This man brought disgrace upon this nation and all the people in it. I have decided to print two of his poems in this newsletter, and I hope you will write to your Postmaster and express your outrage. Somebody had better speak up soon. Here is one of the poems by Langston Hughes entitled One More S In The USA. “Now across the waters in Russia they have a big U.S.S.R. The fatherland of the Soviets, but that is mighty far From New York or Texas or California, too. So listen, fellow-workers, This is what we have to do. Put one more S in the U.S.A., Oh, we'll live to see it yet. When the land belongs to the farmers, and the factories belong to the working men, The U.S.A., when we take control, will be the U.S.S.A. then. But we can't win out just talking, So let us take things in our hands, Then down and away with the bosses sway, Hail Communist land. So stand up in battle and wave our flag on high, And shout out, fellow workers, Our new slogan to the sky. But we can't join hands strong together, So long as white are lynching black, So black and white in one Union fight, and get on the right track. By Texas or Georgia or Alabama led, Come together, fellow workers, Black and White can all be Red.”

Here is another poem by Langston Hughes entitled, Good-By Christ "Listen Christ, You did all right in your day, I reckon, But that day's gone now. They ghosted you up a swell story, too. Called it the Bible, but its dead now. The Popes and the preachers 've made too much money from it. They've sold you to too many Kings, generals, robbers, and killers, even to the Tzar and the Cossacks, Even to Rockefeller's church, Even to the Saturday Evening Post. You ain't no good no more. They've pawned you till you've done wore out. Good-by Christ Jesus Lord God Jehovah, Beat it on away from here now. Make way for a new guy with no religion at all, a real guy named Communist Lenin, Peasant Stalin, Worker ME. I said, ME! Go ahead on now, You're getting in the way of things, Lord, And please take Saint Gandhi with you when you go, And Saint Pope Pius, And Saint Aimee McPherson, And big black Saint Becton Of the Consecrated Dime. And step on the gas, Christ! Move! Don't be so slow about movin'! The world is mine from now on, And nobody's gonna sell ME to a king, or a general, or a millionaire. Good-by Christ, good morning Revolution!"

This man, Langston Hughes, is now given a place of honor on a first class postage stamp. Where do we find Communism? Why has the word "red" disappeared from in front of China? Communism is here and now in the United States. They just didn't tell you yet!

Has There Ever Been A Greater Need For Prayer?

We know that the judgement of Almighty God is forthcoming. We are living in perilous times. Earthquakes are increasing around the globe including the recent powerful quake in Turkey. On January 29, 2002, Simi Valley, California, experienced over a dozen small quakes, which scientists are saying have resulted from the intense quake of 1994, indicating that it is not over yet. (31) We are also faced with nation-wide drought conditions as revealed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. (32) Even the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth, is rapidly sinking and has fallen over 20 feet. (33) Many strange things continue to happen as man continues to defy and insult the creator of the universe. Now we have learned that the American Academy of Pediatrics has endorsed homosexual adoption, saying "Gay couples can provide the loving, stable and emotionally healthy family life children need." (34) Tell that to the residents of Sodom and Gommorah! There has never been a more urgent need for prayer. There is only one who can help us. Thankfully, we have been invited to His very throne!

In closing, I want to thank all of you who pray for us and support this end-time ministry. I pray that the Almighty will bless you exceedingly. Please remember to send in your prayer requests as we take each one seriously. Our primary prayer meeting is held every Saturday at 6:00 P.M. Central Time. Please join us in prayer wherever you are. Grace and Peace be unto you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

David J. Meyer

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