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Volume XXII  Issue VIII  August 2003
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America, A Nation Filling The Vials Of Wrath!

“For ye brethren, became followers of the churches of God which in Judea are in Christ Jesus: for ye also have suffered like things of your own countrymen, even as they have of the Jews: Who both killed the Lord Jesus, and their own prophets, and have persecuted us; and they please not God, and are contrary to all men: Forbidding us to speak to the Gentiles that they might be saved, to fill up their sins alway: for the wrath is come upon them to the uttermost.”

I Thessalonians 2:14-16

“And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full, a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up. And his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power: and he shall destroy wonderfully, and shall prosper, and practice, and shall destroy the mighty and the holy people. And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand.”

Daniel 8:23-25

“And one of the four beasts gave unto the seven angels seven golden vials full of the wrath of God, who liveth for ever and ever. And the temple was filled with smoke from the glory of God, and from his power; and no man was able to enter into the temple, till the seven plagues of the seven angels were fulfilled…..And I heard a great voice out of the temple saying to the seven angels, Go your ways, and pour out the vials of the wrath of God upon the earth.”

Revelation 15:7-8, 16:1

In this issue of the Last Trumpet, we will examine the amazing events of these last days and apply Scripture to them in order to reveal the extreme lateness of the hour. We will also see that there is an amazing dynamic at work in the world and particularly, in our nation. Many people have wondered when the day of wrath and judgement will come upon the world. When will the last trumpet sound and the fiery wrath of God finally be revealed? To answer that question we must first understand the spiritual dynamic that is at work, which is the filling of vials of wrath. The above verses reveal that sin is cumulative. All sins committed on earth are registered in heaven and are contained in what the Almighty calls vials of wrath. When these vials are full of sin, wrath is poured out of them upon the earth. Can any thinking person doubt that the manifold sins of this world and particularly our nation are rapidly filling these heavenly vials? Although many signs and warnings to repent have been given to the illuminized people of this nation, they remain defiant with an absolute refusal to repent; in fact, they sin all the more. Thus, we know that the time of wrath is near, and every prophecy will soon be fulfilled.

A Festering And Illuminized World!

We are warned in Luke 21:25 that in the last days there would be “upon the earth distress of nations with perplexity.” That word, “perplexity” is taken from the Greek word “aporia”, which means unable to find a way out. At this time our earth is a powder keg waiting to explode into World War III. We currently have troops stationed in 136 nations, and if the United States goes into war-torn Liberia, it will be the 137th (1) and 137 in the witchcraft of numerology adds up to 11 or the sacred number of the “age of Aquarius.” Among those 136 nations, there are exactly eleven classified as major troop deployments. They are as follows: Latin America, 12,000; Germany, 70,000; Bosnia, 3,000; Kosovo, 5,000; Djibouti, 800; Philippines, 1,300; Japan, 40,000; Afghanistan, 10,000; South Korea, 38,000; Gulf Region, 84,000; and Iraq, 146,000. (2) We must remember that it was the mighty Roman Empire that spread its army so thin that it was easily conquered by ten barbaric tribes.

The war in Iraq is far from over even though President Bush declared an end to major hostilities on the witches’ sabat of May 1, 2003, which is the highest sabat on the calendar of high level witchcraft and is known as “Beltaine.” That day is also the birthday of communism, and on that day, as President Bush was making his victory speech, the Communist party of Iraq paraded in the streets of Baghdad with the Red hammer and sickle flag. Some of the Iraqis are also beginning to enjoy the American pastimes of pornography, prostitution, and numerous other vices now taking place in their streets. The sad fact is that the Iraqis hate the American soldiers and are killing them every day. Guerilla warfare continues and is heating up fast. The shocking response of President Bush to all of this was this: “There are some who feel like that the conditions are such that they can attack us there. My answer is, bring ‘em on!” (3) Those insensitive words are tantamount to a drunken sailor in a cheap tavern saying, “I’ll take ya all on.” Now there is a call for another 50,000 troops to be sent to this “theater” of war. (4) To make matters worse, U.S. troops that have done their duty and thought they were going home as promised are being required to stay in harm’s way. Then, on the 13th day of July, 2003, Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld announced that he wanted to make a major change in the military. It was reported on ABC News on July 13 that Donald Rumsfeld, citing that more manpower was needed to police the world, intends to permanently activate the entire army reserve. (5) ABC News correspondent Sherry Preston said that military leaders were stunned by this announcement!. On July 17, 2003, it was announced that Rumsfeld also intends to activate 10,000 National Guard troops and to send them to the Iraqi theater of war. (6) These are troops that are supposed to be guarding our homeland.

Donald Rumsfeld is working closely with President Bush at the behest of the Masterminds of the Great Conspiracy of the Illuminati. These men are not concerned with honesty and common sense. They are interested only in realigning the world for the transition into a one-world government, which will result in a one-world dictatorship under Satan himself. We must ask ourselves why the United Nations have Iraq divided into precisely 18 provinces. (7) It is because our government works its plan according to the patterns of witchcraft, and their numerology divides 18 into three sixes or 666. Thus, the ancient land of Babylon is divided according to the number of the beast. This is the starting point of a war that will eventually end this present world.

If people would listen to what Donald Rumsfeld has been saying, they would realize that the illuministic voice of ventriloquism is speaking through this dummy, and he is operating by the power of some very evil spirits. On May 16, 2001, only a few months before the World Trade Center disaster, Rumsfeld was interviewed by the New York Times and said, “Once in a while, I’m standing here, doing something. And I think, what in the world am I doing here? It’s a big surprise.” On October 12, 2001, at a Department of Defense news briefing, shortly after the twin towers came down, Rumsfeld said, “Things will not be necessarily continuous. The fact that they are something other than perfectly continuous ought not to be characterized as a pause. There will be some things that people will see. There will be some things that people won’t see. And life goes on.” More recently, on February 28, 2003, at a Department of Defense briefing, Rumsfeld said, “I think what you’ll find, I think what you’ll find is, whatever it is we do substantively, there will be a near perfect clarity as to what it is. And it will be known, and it will be known to the Congress, and it will be known to you, probably before we decide it, but it will be known.” At the same briefing, Rumsfeld went on to say, “You’re going to be told lots of things. You get told things every day that don’t happen. It doesn’t seem to bother people, they don’t- It’s printed in the press. The world thinks all these things happen. They never happened. Everyone’s so eager to get the story before in fact the story’s there. That the world is constantly being fed things that haven’t happened. All I can tell you is, It hasn’t happened, It’s going to happen.” (8)

When you look at these statements said by the man who runs our entire military, it is more than the bad grammar and sentence structure that should bother you. When we apply these words to the recent news that intelligence information was forged regarding Iraq trying to buy uranium in Africa and many other fraudulent claims against Iraq, we can see that the entire Iraqi war is an illuministic fraud! No weapons of mass destruction were ever found, and it has been one hoax after another. Probably the most revealing statement that Rumsfeld made was also a part of that February 28, 2003, briefing when he said, “Needless to say, the President was correct. Whatever it was he said.” (9)

The signs of war and beast activity are everywhere. Satan’s requirement of blood sacrifice is taken very seriously by his followers in high places. On June 29, 2003, the Associated Press released the following headline: “Imagine a 9/11 every day for 666 days.” (10) The story was about the 3.3 million people who died in the Congo in Africa in the past 666 days. This African war accounts for more deaths than any war since World War II, and yet there is almost no news about it. Certainly the cry of this reaches into heaven. The fact that the United Nations marked the 3.3 million dead with the number 666 is no coincidence. These are numbers right off from the Illuminati blueprint. Most recently, Liberia has become a place of most bloody turmoil, and President Bush is planning to send U.S. troops into that tiny nation. (11) 

The Emerging One-World Fuehrer!

Wars and rumors of war are only one of the signs of the coming of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. We have also been witnessing the rise of a United States of Europe, and the new NATO or North Atlantic Treaty Organization is arising as a military super power. We are also seeing changes in the United Nations. In the July issue of the Last Trumpet, I reported that former President Bill Clinton plans to become the Secretary General of the United Nations. In order for this to happen before the year 2006, Kofi Annan, the current Secretary General, would somehow have to get out of the way. Bill Clinton loves New York and made his home there for a reason. He wants to be close to the East River, where the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers established their prototype for one-world government, the United Nations. Now, a new honor is being presented to Bill Clinton according to a story that appeared in a Norwegian newspaper called Aftenposten. Norwegian officials, including Carl I Hagen, a high profile right wing politician, are urging the nomination of Bill Clinton to head NATO! In an official statement the officials said, “NATO’s new leader should have international authority, respect, and experience; therefore, Bill Clinton is the perfect choice.” (12) The officials went on to say, “Bill Clinton has good and close contact with many of Europe’s leaders, and he enjoys considerable respect. He can be the bridge-builder the alliance needs.” (13) I would like to make it clear once again that I am not saying that Bill Clinton is the antichrist, but if he isn’t, he will do until the real one comes along. It is interesting to note that if you look at a bust of the Roman emperor Nero, you will find that he could be the twin brother of Bill Clinton. They look identical! I also find it interesting that the nomination of Clinton for NATO head happened at the time of the witches’ sabat of Midsummer. In addition to that, the European Union approved their constitution one week before the witches’ sabat in June on Friday the 13th. (14)

In the United States, President Bush waited until the day of the full moon to file his reelection papers with the Federal Election Commission as “Bush-Cheney ’04 Inc.” This was done on May 16, 2003, and the May full moon is known by the witches as the “full flower moon.” We must also remember that the original passwords for the Illuminati were the German words “Ewige Blumenkraft”, which mean “eternal flower power.”

The Illuministic Engulfing Of America!

The Masterminds of the Illuminati conspiracy know that in order to enthrone the one that they call “Lucifer”, they must be able to manage what they call the common herd of humanity or human resources. People everywhere must be watched, directed, misdirected, and micromanaged. Attorney General Ashcroft is constantly demanding more power than even the intrusive USA Patriot Act gave him. (15) Now we are seeing surveillance cameras attached to light poles in cities and along highways, and everyone is being watched. Privacy is something that used to be treasured and was safeguarded by our Constitution but is now being surrendered for a false sense of security. On July 2, 2003, it was revealed by the Staten Island Advance Newspaper that pentagon cameras will be tracking all cars in a city. (16) The project is overseen by the Pentagon agency known as the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency or DARPA. The article goes on to say that the cameras work with a computerized data base that monitors everyday transactions and personal records world-wide and creates a computerized diary that records and analyses everything a person says, sees, hears, reads, or touches. (17) Could George Orwell’s “Big Brother” have been more intrusive than this?

We are living in a strange time of nervous suspicions and dictatorial scrutiny. What has happened to our country when anyone who uses over 350 dollars cash to pay a bill is a suspected terrorist? According to Warren Haslauer, the Vice President of credit services for SAKS, Inc., a decree has come from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency of the Federal Government that says stores would be in violation of Federal law if they accepted cash as payment on a credit card bill if it exceeds 350.00. I have this letter in front of me, and it is just a small sample of what is coming soon. (18) It has also become nearly impossible to rent a motel room and pay cash unless you have photo identification. Our recent ancestors would never have believed the day would come when cash would be refused. 

People who go to health care professionals are finding that they must sign a consent form allowing the Federal “Big Brother” government to access personal medical records. I am looking at such a form right now that contains the following statement: “Due in part to September 11th, we may be required to disclose medical information about you to authorized federal officials, for the protection and well-being of our national security.” (19)

For those who still fly in airplanes, it may interest you to know that airports are planning to install x-ray scanners that produce a black and white image of the entire body. The machine is called a “backscatter”, and the Associated Press article, complete with pictures, tells of the successful testing of the machine. Susan Hallowell, director of the Transportation Security Administration’s security laboratory volunteered for the test. The article gives the following description: “She stepped into a metal booth that bounced x-rays off her skin to produce a black and white image that revealed enough to produce a world-class blush. Her dark skirt and blazer disappeared on the monitor, where she showed up naked except for the gun and bomb she had hid under her outfit.” (20)

Our nation of the United States of America was once a nation with a degree of honor. It was a nation where you were innocent until proven guilty. With all of the surveillance and other encroachments on our privacy, we have now become a nation where everyone must prove their innocence. Other nations look at us and wonder why we lead the world in imprisonments. We currently have over two million people incarcerated in prisons; 2,019,234 to be exact. (21) It was the famous author Ayn Rand who wrote, “We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force.” We must also remember some words of wisdom from the great statesman Daniel Webster, who said, “Good intentions will always be pleaded for every assumption of authority. It is hardly too strong to say that the Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions. There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern. They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters.”

A Cursed American Economy!

In these last days, we are seeing the effect of sin on every endeavor of man. One of the great signs of the last days is economic collapse. In James 5:1-3 we read, “Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you. Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are motheaten. Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days.” These verses provide a perfect description of our motheaten economy. Since President Bush took office there have been 2.7 million jobs lost, and 8.8 million people became unemployed. His new program is called “Jobs and Growth.” The U.S. is the world’s largest debtor nation, and the debt is increasing at a rate of twice as fast as its economic growth. Government debt now amounts to 5 trillion dollars, and household debt is listed as 8.2 trillion. Foreclosures and bankruptcies are increasing, and U.S. pension funds are underfunded by 300 billion dollars. (22) What caused the wealthiest nation in the world to deteriorate into this shabby condition? We are a nation filled with deep sin and unspeakable filth, and it has cursed our economy. The great fall is soon to come!

When we consider all of the above, we cannot help but be amazed that the United Nations has now asked for a loan of 1.3 billion dollars from the United States to renovate their buildings along the East River. I have been in the United Nations numerous times and have stood outside lifting my hands in prayer that God would cause the building to crack and crumble. I am now looking at a Washington Post article, which describes those very things happening. Water is dripping through the roof, huge cracks have formed and pieces of the ceiling are falling down. (23) Thank God for answered prayer!

Witchcraft, American Religion Of Choice!

The June 23rd issue of Time magazine featured Harry Potter, and on the front cover, a group of children were displayed all wearing Harry Potter glasses. The words written across the front cover said, “Why Harry Potter Rules.” (24) Perhaps we should think about those words. A few years ago, when the first Harry Potter book was released, I warned in this newsletter that these books are not harmless fantasy and entertainment but subtle training manuals of the concepts and practices of real witchcraft. I produced a tract and an audio tape on the subject and could do so authoritatively, because I am a former witch saved by the grace of God and the blood of our Lord Jesus. The tract and tape, denouncing the Harry Potter materials, have gone around the world in countless numbers, and many good reports have come in about how God has used this message to pull people out of the seductions of witchcraft. At the same time, witches and “Christian” leaders have gone berserk in trying to denounce me and defend the Harry Potter materials. The witches are especially angry, because they know what I am saying is true, for I was once one of them. 

The proponents of the Harry Potter witchcraft materials try to defend their position by saying good always triumphs over evil. In other words, the good witchcraft overcomes the bad witchcraft. The truth is that there is no good witchcraft; all of it is of Satan even though witches do not believe in Satan. In the lower three levels, witches believe in “the Force” and forces of nature. They believe there are two sides of the force, good and evil, and that this light and dark, good and bad, male and female, yin and yang must be brought into balance; one being necessary to the other. In the higher three levels of the craft, the witches believe in the person of Lucifer, who they call the “Illuminated one” or the “Morning Star.” At night he is called the “horned hunter” and is said to ride on the north wind. The secret word used to identify the Illuminati and witchcraft at high levels is “Moriah”, the conquering and destroying night wind. Sadly, our children are being taught that there is good witchcraft, and that they can become “good little witches” like Harry Potter. By filling their heads with the devices of wands, potions, spells and chants, these little children become human chalices and fill up with spirits that will vex and control the entire family where these materials are allowed in. It is all in preparation for acceptance of the antichrist.

The popularity of these Harry Potter witchcraft books is shocking! Statistics show that 66 Harry Potter books are sold every second, and with 60 seconds in a minute and 60 minutes in an hour, we can see all of the sixes involved. (25) The fifth Harry Potter book is about 870, pages and plans are being made for a sixth and seventh book with the seventh book lengthy enough to require two volumes. (26) Even though people claim this is all harmless, witch covens across the country are being inundated with requests on how to join their ranks, and that is precisely the problem with these books; they are the bait for the trap and a springboard into the depths of the occult. No wonder that reports, such as the one from the Denver, Colorado, area where 40 separate ritual cat mutilations were discovered, are coming in. (27) We must ask ourselves why so many young people are getting tattoos on every part of their bodies and are likewise piercing and scarring their bodies after the fashion of ritual mutilation. Why are young people having their tongues split to look like a serpent? (28) The answer is simple and tragic. When evil spirits come into a new house, meaning a person’s body, they like to redecorate and get their new home just the way they like it. 

Witchcraft has become the religion of choice, especially among the young people. It is no longer among the few and the hidden. On June 21, 2003, druids numbering 28,000 gathered at Stonehenge in England for witchcraft rituals. (29) This is the most sacred spot in the world to high-level witches. I have been watching as replicas of Stonehenge are being built throughout the United States. Most recently, a full sized replica was built at Eureka, Montana. (30) Satanic monuments are being erected at great cost in our bankrupt nation. The 55-foot statue to the “fire god” Vulcan in Birmingham, Alabama, at a cost of 2.3 million dollars is one example. (31) At the same time, the monument of the Ten Commandments was ordered to be removed from the courthouse. It is truly a time for every true Christian to pray without ceasing. It is later than you think!

The Sodomizing Of America!

In Isaiah 1:9, the Almighty warned us as follows: “Except the Lord of hosts had left unto us a very small remnant, we should have been as Sodom, and we should have been like unto Gomorrah.” On June 27th, 2003, newspapers across the nation carried the headlines “Court Overturns Ban On Gay Sex.” (32) There were 13 states in the United States that had specific laws against sodomy, and the Supreme Court torpedoed all of the laws banning the unspeakable acts of queer sex. Anyone who has even a molecule of discernment and reads Romans, chapter one, would see that God regards homosexuality as the last straw among all of the evil acts of sinful man. Our Supreme Court is in direct defiance against God and has opened the door of perversion from its lofty position in Washington, D.C., the district of corruption. Now that this door has been opened, a flood of filth is soon to overwhelm our nation as never before. The United States of America is cursed with a curse. Isaiah 1:4-7 describes our nation so accurately as follows: “Ah sinful nation, a people laden with iniquity, a seed of evildoers, children that are corrupters: they have forsaken the Lord, they have provoked the Holy One of Israel unto anger, they are gone away backward. Why should ye be stricken any more? Ye will revolt more and more: the whole head is sick, and the whole heart faint. From the sole of the foot even unto the head there is no soundness in it; but wounds and bruises, and putrifying sores: they have not been closed, neither bound up, neither mollified with ointment. Your country is desolate, your cities are burned with fire; your land, strangers devour it in your presence, and it is desolate, as overthrown by strangers.”

It is now safe to say that every major church denomination is given over to antichrist devices, and the acceptance of homosexuality is the last straw with Almighty God. Now we have learned that the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is going to hold a large conference regarding whether or not to bless gay marriages. (33) If they would read the true Bible, they wouldn’t need the conference. In Concord, New Hampshire, Episcopalians recently elected an openly “gay” man as their next bishop. He calls himself “The Reverend V. Gene Robinson.” (34) In England, the Bishop of Oxford, Dr. Richard Harries, has sent out a message urging churches to be “gay and lesbian friendly.” (35) In addition to all of that, the city of Jerusalem in the Israeli state recently held its second annual “gay pride parade.” The Associated Press gave the following description: “Thousands of people, many dressed in drag and waving rainbow flags, marched through Jerusalem.” Interior minister Avraham Poraz gave his support to the marchers and said, “There are few ministers in the government who aren’t happy that I am taking part in this event, but despite everything I have come to wish you a happy holiday. We are all proud of you.” (36)

Recently, a large “gay pride” festival and parade was held in Lansing, Michigan. Thousands of sodomites stood in the streets shouting, “We the people refusing to be silenced.” The event was sponsored by the Ford Motor Company, Radisson Motel-downtown Lansing, Miller Lite Brewing Co., and Daimler Chrysler. (37)

Signs of Wrath!

Without question, our Lord is soon to return to this troubled world. I often wonder how the Lord can put up with such evil another day. Scientists such as Dr. Norbert Gleicher of the Foundation for Reproductive Medicine in Chicago have been injecting male cells into female embryos to produce hybrid she-males. (38) Most recently, a project spearheaded by Israeli and Dutch scientists calls for harvesting the eggs from aborted female babies since they have ovaries by the time they are 16 weeks old. These eggs are to be used to implant infertile women. Thus, the mother is killed in the womb, and babies are produced by science, skipping an entire generation. (39)

As the earthquakes and aftershocks continue and as freak weather, plagues, and pestilences continue, those that have discernment know that the end of this present world is here. Many other strange events are constantly happening. Crows attacked women in Hamburg, Germany. They ran screaming as crows, clinging to their hair, were violently pecking their ears and faces and sinking their talons into the women’s scalps. All of this was unprovoked. (40) Ornithologists are at a loss to explain why certain birds are becoming so hostile toward humans. I am reminded of Revelation19:21, which says, “And the remnant were slain with the sword of him that sat upon the horse, which sword proceeded out of his mouth: and all the fowls were filled with their flesh.”

In closing, I feel an ever-increasing urgency for prayer, fasting, and true dedication of the heart for the work of the Lord that must be done in the little time that is left. Please remember Last Trumpet Ministries in your prayers, and continue to send your prayer requests. Each one receives individual attention by our intercessors. Please accept my deepest thanks to all of you that support this end-time ministry. Grace and peace be multiplied unto you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

David J. Meyer


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