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Volume XXV           Issue II            February  2006
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America – Melting Pot of Christian Witchcraft!

“Hath a nation changed their gods, which are yet no gods? But my people have changed their glory for that which doth not profit. Be astonished, O ye heavens, at this, and be horribly afraid, be ye very desolate, saith the Lord. For my people have committed two evils; they have forsaken me the fountain of living waters, and hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water….. Thine own wickedness shall correct thee, and thy backslidings shall reprove thee: know therefore and see that it is an evil thing and bitter, that thou hast forsaken the Lord thy God, and that my fear is not in thee, saith the Lord God of hosts.”

Jeremiah 2:11-13, 19

“And I will cut off the cities of thy land, and throw down all thy strongholds: And I will cut off witchcrafts out of thine hand; and thou shalt have no more soothsayers: Thy graven images also will I cut off, and thy standing images out of the midst of thee; and thou shalt no more worship the work of thine hands. And I will pluck up thy groves out of the midst of thee: so will I destroy thy cities. And I will execute vengeance in anger and fury upon the heathen, such as they have not heard.”

Micah 5:11-15

“Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? And what communion hath light with darkness? And what concord hath Christ with Belial? Or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel? And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? For ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them, and I will be their God, and they shall be my people. Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you, and will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.”

II Corinthians 6:14-18

In this issue of the Last Trumpet, we will examine a serious condition that exists in our troubled nation and in much of the world. It is a condition that was foretold in the Word of God and is now in these last of the last days intensifying into a diabolical crescendo. The urgency has never been greater and the problem is so obvious that Christians everywhere should be able to see it clearly. Evil, however, is always hidden from the undiscerning, and the spiritual gift of discernment is only given to those who are actively fighting the powers of darkness.

Will the masses of distracted and undiscerning “Christians” of the last days be so spiritually blind and oblivious that Satan will get away with achieving his greatest project? Will he accomplish the task of blending and melding “Christianity” with witchcraft? Sadly, it is happening before our very eyes! By means of a crafty plan of gradualism, churches are being transformed into de facto covens of occultism and witchcraft. It is not a direct attack that is causing this. So-called “Christians” are being taught, induced, and indoctrinated to think like witches while maintaining Christian terminology. Mainstream “Christianity” is rapidly becoming nothing more than witchcraft with a cross on the top. Witchcraft is not just spells, incantations, magic, and rituals. It is, first of all, a way of looking at things: a thought pattern and process, and the rest of the involvement comes later.

There is an old saying in witchcraft: good triumphs over evil. The mainstream “Christians” have picked up on this and say the same thing to defend such occult works as Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, and other stories of that ilk. True Christians know that good does not triumph over evil, but rather God triumphs over evil. Matthew 19:17 tells us that there is only one that is good and that is God! There are no good witches, and there is no good witchcraft! The false concept that good instead of God triumphs over evil has caused people to believe that a man such as Clive Staples Lewis was a Christian author. In reality, he was a witch and a member of The Thelemic Order of the Golden Dawn and was on assignment to write books that would teach neophyte witches the concepts of “Christianity” so that the witches can better understand Christians and defeat them. Sadly, many Christians thought the books were for them, so the plan of the occultists worked with a double punch. Lewis wrote such books as The Screwtape Letters, which is a fictional conversation among demons on how to defeat Christians. Lewis also wrote Mere Christianity, which says that there are many roads to Heaven, which is the exact opposite of what Jesus said in Matthew 7:14-15 as follows: “Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.”

True Christianity is the only hope for this confused world, and thankfully, there are still a few true praying and believing Christians left. Give thanks to God if you are one of the few who can see! The sad fact is that America has become a spiritual melting pot that is melding “Christianity” and witchcraft, and it has affected the entire world!

The Evil Spirits of War!

As we move farther into the New Year of 2006, we see World War III looming ever larger on the horizon. The war in Iraq continues to intensify, and the first thirteen days of January, 2006, brought much distressing news. On January 6th, 2006, insurgents killed 140 as the civil war raged in Iraq. (1) On January 9th, 2006, twelve Americans died when a Black Hawk helicopter was shot down, and five more U.S. soldiers died when a car bomb went off. (2) Many other such disasters happened in Iraq during those first thirteen days of January leading up to Friday the 13th. It is interesting to note that just before all of these events happened, there was an event in December, 2005, which was timed perfectly with occultism. During the witches’ sabat of Yule in 2005 beginning on December 20th, sixty-six soldiers from thirty countries were made U.S. citizens during a ceremony that was held in the former palace of Sadam Hussein. The ceremony was held under a three-pillared rotunda with a brilliant crystal chandelier. (3) The symbolism is triumviral power, or power of three, under crystal light. The capitol with its ceremonial rotunda has always been known as the temple of Zeus or Jupiter. In fact, the word capitol is defined in the dictionary as “temple of Jupiter.”

It now appears that a new war to the east is imminent as the United States plans to strike Iran. In fact, American forces already entered Iran in 2005 in order to mark possible targets for an aerial assault. (4) On Friday the 13th of January, 2006, Iran’s Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki stated that Iran will block snap inspections of its nuclear facilities, and if their case is referred to the United Nations, Iran will end all voluntary cooperation. (5) In addition to that, Iran has now been moving its assets out of European banks and transferring them to other banks abroad. Iran also announced plans to cut oil output. (6) We can be sure that when the Rothschild bankers and their stooge, George W. Bush, begin to lose control of the oil and money of Iran, they will attack and will do whatever it takes to weld the American people behind them. Is another horrifying terrorist attack on American soil imminent? We cannot say it could never happen here because it already has happened.

The International Atomic Energy Agency has now called an emergency meeting regarding Iran at the request of the European Union, whose military force is NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. This meeting is to be held on the witches’ high cross-quarter sabat of Imbolc on February 2nd, 2006. (7) We must also note that U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice had this to say regarding dialog with Iran: “There is not much to talk about.” (8) It appears that George W. Bush, the fascist gun in the West, is ready for action.

We know that war is a horrible thing. It is so horrible that in ancient witchcraft it was believed that in the spirit realm, two dogs were fighting and they inspired men and nations to fight. The planet Mars was believed to be the god of war and was called the angry red planet. In these modern times, patterns of witchcraft are still found. In Washington, D.C., we have a five-sided war house called the Pentagon. In the occult, the number five is the number of death, and plans made in this building have proven to be the death of many millions of people throughout the world. It is truly a structure of wars and rumors of war. The antichrist forces, who still use astrology to plan wars, believe that the best time to launch such projects is the period between March 20th and May 1st, because Mars is dominant in the zodiac during that time. Remember Iraq?

There is now a new addition to the Pentagon. On the eve of Friday the 13th of January, 2006, it was announced that an Ark of the Covenant has been installed in the Pentagon’s synagogue for the purpose of holding the Torah scrolls. (9) It was designed and produced by Moshe Gani, a student of the Kabbalah, which is Jewish witchcraft. This is more of your tax money in action. So much for the separation of church and state! Very soon, occult forces will rise up as never before. Days of chaos are at hand.

The Piercing Stare of the Beast’s Eye!

Never has there been a greater lack of privacy in the United States than at this present time. President Bush has admittedly been spying on thousands of private U.S. citizens, and the National Security Agency has been maintaining extensive data bases on innocent people. All of this type of spying is contrary to the law. President Bush has also appointed various people that he knows will agree with him to high positions, such as Alberto Gonzales. In fact, every Bush appointment and attempted appointment has been with people who believe the Constitution of the United States is secondary to Federal muscle in the name of national security. It is similar to the secret courts known as star chambers. Star Chambers were secret courts appointed by the Crown in England between the 1500’s and 1700’s. They decided all matters pertaining to national security in a clandestine and surreptitious manner and were called star chambers because the ceiling of the original secret courtroom was always spangled with stars. Any good encyclopedia will verify this.

The secret reports on innocent Americans are called talon reports (10), which indicate that the great eagle has you in his talons. We also know that the NSA, or National Security Agency, has been attaching cookie files to anyone who accesses their website with their personal computer and then tracks all of their computer activities thereafter. (11) We also know that the information gathered through the eavesdropping by the NSA was forwarded to databases of the FBI, DIA, CIA, and the Department of Homeland Security. (12) The cycloptic eye of the Beast is not only watching American citizens but is staring at them.

Another device that aids the Beast system in its spying is digital television. Here let it be noted that the U.S. House of Representatives approved legislation on the witches’ sabat of Yule, or December 21st, 2005, which makes digital television mandatory by February 17th, 2009. All televisions that are not digital will not work unless they are connected to an electronic converter box. (13)

Yet another device that is now being used by the electronic Beast system is the interface chip that is inserted into the hand and activates an user’s computer without the use of passwords. The RFID chip, which is inserted under the skin of the hand, connects the personal computer with the personal user. It is meeting with great acceptance. The chips cost about two dollars, and the chip readers cost about fifty dollars. One student named Jennifer said, “I can’t feel it at all. It doesn’t impede me. It doesn’t hurt at all. I almost can’t tell it’s there.” Another student, named Mike said, “It does give you some sort of power of Abracadabra, of making doors open and passwords enter just by a wave of your hand.” (14) The news article that revealed all of this also stated that the identity chips, which are about the size of a grain of rice, can be inserted by even veterinarians and tattoo artists. (15) As we read this we are reminded of the warning given to us in Revelation 13:16-17 which says, “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” We must also remember that the Greek word translated mark in the Bible is charagma, which means to cut or plow a furrow. The tattoo craze that has swept our nation has certainly paved the way for the quick and easy step of receiving the electronic mark of the Beast. Regarding all such marks and tattoos, we must also remember the words of Leviticus 19:28 which says, “Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the Lord.”

Truly, these are the days of the emerging Antichrist. With that in mind we must take note of the words of Pope Benedict XVI’s Christmas message when he said, “The life-giving power of his light is an incentive for building a new world order based on just ethical and economic relationships.” (16)

Beast Management of the Human Body!

We know that the powers of darkness and the Beast system of antichrist believe that if they can manage the human body and control it, they can also manage and control the soul. Revelation 18:12-13 lists the commodities that come under the absolute control of the Beast as follows: “The merchandise of gold, and silver, and precious stones, and of pearls, and fine linen, and purple, and silk, and scarlet, and all thyine wood, and all manner vessels of ivory, and all manner vessels of most precious wood, and of brass, and iron, and marble, and cinnamon, and odours, and ointments, and frankincense, and wine, and oil, and fine flour, and wheat, and beasts, and sheep, and horses, and chariots, and slaves, and souls of men.”

One of the means by which the Beast and his Illuminati masterminds control human populations is by their encouragement for dependency on drugs. On the eve of Friday the 13th of January 2006, a report was released verifying that fifty percent of Americans are on prescription drugs. (17) If you have ever wondered why there are disproportionately so many advertisements for prescription drugs on television, you have your answer. All of these drugs have a long list of side effects, but people are urged to use them anyway, even though some side effects like cardiac arrest and melanoma are mentioned. It is all part of the Illuminati blueprint to reduce the population and control what is left of it. The Illuminati conspirators working in our government have poisoned our food with additives, our water with chlorine and fluoride, and our air with chemtrails of ethylene dibromide. Thus, we have cancers, heart and lung diseases, and especially, an epidemic of asthma and diabetes.

When I was a child in the 1950’s and 1960’s, I remember the little drug stores where someone would come in every hour or so and get a prescription filled. Now we have the mega drug stores with long lines of people waiting inside and strings of cars waiting for the drive-up window outside. These drug stores are as busy as a fast food restaurant at noon with the same hustle and bustle of workers rushing to supply the need. Actually, the druggists need the fast food chains very much since they produce so much of the sickness. The massive medical centers and hospitals must be kept full; and whatever it takes, a steady supply of patients must be provided for the waiting facilities and staff.

The city of New York has now adopted a health regulation requiring that the results of all blood sugar testing done in medical laboratories be reported to a central data base of the same type that keeps track of people with tuberculosis and HIV. Patients can expect to get letters and phone calls from doctors prodding them to take medication and to come in for checkups. (18) Other cities and states are expected to pass similar measures. New York’s health commissioner, Dr. Thomas R. Frieden, said that the benefits of the program “outweigh what it gives up in medical privacy.”

These are the strangest of times as illuministic scientists tamper with everything in God’s creation and try to defy His immutable laws. The irradiation of food is another problem, because radioactivity breaks down compounds into original elements destroying vitamins and other nutrients in the food. In Australia, a food agency is trying to convince consumers that there is nothing to worry about if their food glows in the dark in their refrigerators. The food agency’s general director, George Davey, said the calls continue to come in from distraught people, but he wants to assure everyone that the meat and fish is perfectly safe. (19)

In Taiwan, scientists doing stem cell research have produced three fluorescent green pigs. These pigs are totally green throughout, including their hearts and internal organs. It is a kind of genetic color coding, which the scientists believe will aid them in their research. (20)

In Cambodia, a new strain of malaria has been found which has an one hundred percent mortality rate, causing death within forty-eight hours. The parasite that causes the disease is different from any other ever known, for it has the ability to restart the heart of its victim for up to two hours after the initial demise of the person. Cambodian General Ary Serey said, “We have obtained samples of this new parasite and plan to learn how it starts the heart and other major organs of the deceased.” Authorities also said, “The victim behaves in extremely violent ways from what is believed to be a combination of brain damage and a chemical released into the blood during resurrection.” (21) It has been called an outbreak of zombism.

Mysterious Mixture of a Witches’ Brew!

Just after the attacks that brought down the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City on September 11th, 2001, it was reported that people throughout the United States were so shaken that churches everywhere were filled to capacity, and many people began to repent. Shortly thereafter, the Harry Potter movies began to inject subtle witchcraft into our nation. Then came the Lord of the Rings movie, followed by more Harry Potter books and productions. Then came The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. All of these have two things in common. They are all training devices in witchcraft thought and philosophy, and they are all promoted and patronized by professing “Christians.” We now see the effects of this subtle witchcraft on our crumbling and terrorized nation. We also see the effects of these satanic devices in the “Christian” churches as echos of spiritual death and apostasy resonate throughout the sanctuaries which have become theaters of entertainment. In places where intense prayers should be heard, and where spiritual battles should be fought and won; there is now the mirth of a fantasy land. People no longer know the meaning of the word Christian! C.S. Lewis himself said that he did not emphasize justification by faith or a born again experience, and he described himself as “the most dejected and reluctant convert in all England.” (22) The word dejected means depressed, and Lewis’ closest friends were not sure if he was even a believer when he died on November 22nd, 1963, which was the same day that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. (23)

How can Christians embrace something that is so blatantly evil as The Chronicles of Narnia? The story clearly and descriptively involves creatures that are half human and half animal. The Bible forbids the mixing of humans and animals as bestiality! Why did the December 18th, 2005, issue of the Pentecostal Evangel, the official organ of the Assemblies of God Church, dedicate their entire front cover to Aslan, the Narnia lion, and feature the “Christian Guide to C.S. Lewis’ Narnia?” (24) Here let it be noted that Lewis himself said that before writing The Chronicles of Narnia, he was “haunted with images” of mythological creatures. (25)

Christians have been sold a lie, and the pastors are going to get the worst of it on Judgment Day! Signs of apostasy are everywhere and people are not seeing them. I was recently shocked when I looked at the cover of a Tim LaHaye Prophecy Bible and saw the image in a photographed red wax seal as a super-imposed alpha and omega over a hexagram, which forms a perfect compass and square of Freemasonry. (26) May God help all who name the name of Christ to come fully awake quickly!

On June 6th, 2006, which is 06/06/06, a major movie is to be released called The Beast. This is the 6th day before the full moon followed by eleven days before the witches’ sabat of Midsummer. The movie is being produced by Jerimah Farwell and was written and is being directed by Brian Flemming. It will be distributed by VIVID films. Not only is the movie to be released on 06/06/06, but it was carefully timed so that it would take exactly 666 days to make the movie. The movie is about a Christian high-school student named Danielle, whose father is a biblical scholar who discovers proof positive that Jesus Christ never existed. The plot centers around the abduction of this scholar by fanatical Christians to keep people from finding out that Jesus Christ did not exist. (27) One witch recently spoke out and said “Finally, a film that proves Jesus Christ never existed; I can’t wait!”

Witchcraft has saturated our country. Large articles, several pages long and including large picture spreads, have been appearing in major newspapers glorifying witchcraft. The Iowa State Daily featured such an article called “A Wiccan Life”, regarding a witch named Lindsay Labanca. Lindsay is an university student at Iowa State, and this article is a definite come-on into the craft. (28) Another article appeared in the Orange County Register entitled “Spellbound”, regarding a witch named Jamie Wood and her new book entitled The Enchanted Diary. (29) Incidentally, a witches’ personal diary is called the book of shadows.

The occult is kept in high profile. Recently, former President Jimmy Carter revealed his involvement with psychics and his belief in them. (30) New York City’s Mayor, Mike Bloomberg, was recently featured in the New York Post having his palm read by psychic reader Kate Konigisor who was reading his left palm. (31) The Latin word for left is sinister, and in palmistry witchcraft, it means life force while the right means life progress. The left is always the show of force in the occult.

I must also mention that it is no coincidence that the winter Olympics are being held at Turin, Italy, this year. Occultists believe that Turin is one of three cities, along with London and San Francisco, which make up a triangle of black magic. (32)

Spirits of Defiant Blasphemy and Judgment to Come!

As previously mentioned, the first thirteen days of the New Year ended with a Friday the 13th. Our nation had just accepted further initiation into the realm of witchcraft by embracing The Chronicles of Narnia, and soon disasters began to happen. We know that in the occult, the elements of earth, wind, fire, and water are worshipped. Starting from the East and moving westward in exact order, we began to see amazing events involving those four elements. During those thirteen days, we saw thirteen coal miners trapped in the earth. On that same day that the miners became trapped, massive tornadoes hit in Kentucky and Tennessee and surrounding areas. This was destruction by wind. Moving westerly, massive fires burned hundreds of thousands of acres in Texas and Oklahoma, destroying many homes. On the West coast, overwhelming floods of water covered thousands of miles from Washington to California. These judgments have fallen in the exact pattern of the sorceries of our nation, and the Almighty is warning all people everywhere in this confused land to repent! As I write this newsletter, we are now thirteen days from the witches’ high cross-quarter sabat of Imbolc, and more miners have been trapped in West Virginia. Is it starting all over again? Incidentally, on the scale of A=6, B=12, C=18 and etc., we find that if we take the official abbreviation for the state of West Virginia, which is WV, and add mining to it (WV Mining), the total is 666. This sad situation was used as an illuministic experiment against Christianity as the many people filled a Baptist church and were intentionally misinformed that all thirteen miners had been rescued. As they praised God in jubilant worship, the truth was sprung on them that twelve were dead. These same worshippers began to curse God and swear with profuse blasphemy, and this was broadcast nation-wide for all to see. God help us!

Every true Christian knows that the only hope for this troubled nation and world is the miraculous, saving power of the Lord Jesus Christ. During that strange period of the first thirteen days of this New Year of 2006, another sign was given to us. The 13th Prime Minister of the Israeli state suffered a stroke and cannot function in his office. The Middle East is ready to explode with great affliction beyond belief.

In the United States, the murder rate has jumped thirteen percent. (33) Consumers also spent nearly thirteen billion dollars on pornography in the United States. (34) In the United States, nearly 100,000 women became pregnant from being raped in 2005. (35) Our U.S. House of Representatives approved a measure to use ninety million dollars, which had been earmarked for influenza preparedness, to be used instead to provide the sex-drug Viagra free to people on Medicare and Medicaid. (36)

In the next issue of the Last Trumpet, I am planning to do an update on the many earthquakes, volcanoes, and other disasters that continue to happen. So much is happening that there just is not enough space to cover it all. Should we wonder at all why judgment is falling on our nation and this entire wicked world? We know that England recently legalized homosexual marriages, and the knighted Sir Elton John married his boyfriend in a very high-profile wedding. (37) Former President Bill Clinton sent the sodomite newlyweds a video tape congratulating them, using the Yiddish words “Mazel tov”, which means congratulations. Clinton said, “The world needs more people like Elton John.” (38) This is the same Bill Clinton that Dr. Billy Graham said would make a good evangelist and that his wife Hillary should be President of the United States. When people begin to think like Bill Clinton, is it any wonder that the number one movie in American theaters is Brokeback Mountain, which is a story of two homosexual cowboys, including one who is a “gay” prostitute. As of January 18th, 2006, this movie had already taken in over 33,000,000 dollars. (39) We are made to remember that Jesus warned us in Luke 17:28 that at the time of His coming it would be like it was in the days before Sodom was destroyed. Are we in those days? On the 13th of January, 2006, Friday the 13th, the mayor of our largest city, Michael Bloomberg of New York, accepted the title conferred upon him by Margarita Lopez, a former councilwoman and lesbian leader. Michael Bloomberg was given the title of Honorary Lesbian, and he accepted it gladly. Bloomberg praised Lopez and said he would find ways to continue to work with her. (40)

Certainly by now we have seen enough indicators that declare our Lord’s coming to be at the very doors. It won’t be long now!

In closing I would like to remind everyone to continue to pray without ceasing. Our prayers are heard in heaven! If you are not right with the Almighty, call upon Him for salvation today! If you are reading this, there is still time to repent and receive forgiveness and a glorious eternity, which is nigh upon us. We are here to help you! Remember also to send your prayer requests, and we will give them individual attention. Grace and peace be multiplied unto you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

David J. Meyer


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